You dial 911.

You dial 911 only to hear a busy tone. No one is there for you. You wait a minute or two. You hear some noise from the kitchen. Too frightened to see what is happening there, you stay by the phone. A man slowly walks out the kitchen His eyes are empty and his mouth full of blood, his sking dead white and falling apart. You are confused and slowly walk back. You suddenly stumble on a bottle of beer and fall on your back. The man now approaches you - slow but steady. The pain prevents you from getting back up. You scream, but no one's there to help you. The maimed figure is still approaching. Someone enter the house and you soon recognize Larry, your neighboor. However, he is acting similarly to the other man, walking slowly towards you. You call him by his name, and a painful moan is the only reply you get. One of the creatures now grabs your leg and takes a bite. Fear gives way to a deep pain, as Larry takes another bite. The man soon joins the feast. YOU ARE DEAD...

The End

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