You decide to open the door

As you walk to the door, you hesitate. "Who could it possibilly be?". So, you decide to find out and open the door slowly. You recognize Glenn, you neighbor. "What are you doing here? And how did you got in? You can't just come here like that, you know. I was sleeping..." You notice an open wound on the side of his neck. "Are you alright? 'You don't look too well...".  No response. Indeed, he did not looked too well. His face was as pale, almost purple and his wound was bleeding. Glenn slowly started to move towards you. "Wait a minute", you say to him. "You're gonna stay here for now, and I'll call the ambulance". Still no reaction; it is like he didn't even listen. He kept on walking slowly towards you. As he is about to cross the open door, you decide to...

The End

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