The Other Side of the Counter

It's crazy what you can observe whilst working in fast food.

I was determined that I wouldn't be one of those kids who worked in fast food.  

Things don't always go according to plan.

There is one thing that fascinates me about working in the fast food industry:  the people.  

(Don't get me wrong:  the people can also be the bane of my job.)

The restaurant that I work in sees a lot of elderly folk.  I'm not exactly sure why, but we quite a few regulars come in who are well into their Golden Years.  And I love them.  They're smart, hilarious, and down-right adorable.  (I dare you to see a couple that is celebrating their 43rd anniversary and not get that warm mushy feeling inside.)  

One day, I was chatting with this elderly woman.  She was talking about her husband who had died a few years ago.  After expressing my condolences, she smiled at me and told me a short story of some of the things she and her husband had done together during their marriage.

And it got me thinking.

Far too often, I see these customers and nothing more than that:  customers.  People who come in and buy our food because they're hungry. 

Who am I to demean them like that?

Every single person who walks through our doors has a story.  A struggle, a victory, a loss, friendship, a betrayal, a love.

But for me, they exist only when I'm asking if they want cheese on their burger.

There is so much life around us.  Every person whose order I take has a past and has a future.

It's completely mind blowing.

And it's incredibly beautiful.

The End

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