Quick and Painless

This is a very personal story based on something that happened to me about a year ago. I was hit by a car while riding my bicycle, knocking me off of my bike and on to the road leaving me with a broken foot, shoulder and concussion. I was (and still am) very lucky to be alive to this day. In this story, I imagine what other things might have happened if I hadn't been so lucky... (All of the following is based on my experience. Names and places have been changed)

It was quick and painless.

Fortunately, I told myself in those last seconds, you told Catherine to wait for you at the coffee shop until you got back. At least she'll be okay and won't see this.

The thought of never seeing my family again hit me like a ton of bricks as I was thrown of my bicycle, as the minivan collided into me perpendicularly.

At this point I don't remember anything more. When I moved to "the other side", I was able to deduce that I was thrown against the windscreen of the minivan, lost consciousness and then rolled off the car onto the road. It was this 5-6ft fall from the minivan that caused my injuries and caused me to die.

Death...unpleasant word isn't it? Something so inevitable, and yet it always manages to surprise us. I prefer the term "the other side", the idea there is another place we move to after dying spiritually. There is something comforting knowing our loved ones are always there for us, even if not physically.

The remarkable thing about the human spirit is that we do realize every day could be our last, and we do try to make every moment count for something. Whether talking to a friend over coffee, calling your parents to talk to them, going on a walk with your friend we are all perpetually looking for meaning that keeps us alive. Some of my best memories were with my friends doing the most random things (one time my friend and I went canoeing just because we could).

I could go on about my life, but that's not what I want to focus on now. Rather, I want to share my family's experience and how they came to peace, seeking justice after my death. What started out as a simple accident, turned into a large-scale case of corruption and deceit.

The End

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