Scene Seven: I Bleed, Sir, But the Show Must Go On!

CASSIO: Ah, Desdemona’s not here today.

DIRECTOR: Why not? Oh, she’s on the hockey tour?

CASSIO (nods): Yeah, and Othello’s got the flu, so he’s at home.

DIRECTOR: Ah, that’s annoying. Oh well, we’ll just go through some of the Cyprus scenes. You up to try that drunken episode again, Cassio?

CASSIO: Sure. Roderigo, shall we go and get the weapons?

CASSIO and RODERIGO go backstage. There are lots of random set pieces lying around, and they can be heard stumbling and tripping about occasionally. Suddenly there comes a crash and a yowl of pain.

RODERIGO (offstage): Cassio, are you okay?

CASSIO (sounding considerably pained): It’s that bloody box again!

RODERIGO: Hang on, I’ll come over and ... ow, are you sure you’re okay? (more stumbling and banging as he moves around) Oooh, that doesn’t look good, shall we go to the sick bay?

CASSIO: No no no, it’s fine, it’s fine. I only fell on it, it’ll be fine.

RODERIGO: I don’t know. Can you move your fingers.

CASSIO (a bit irritably): Yes yes yes, look it’s fine. Let’s just get on with it, it’s fine.

RODERIGO makes a sound that suggests he doesn’t quite believe his friend and comes back out. CASSIO is left-handed, and he has to hold the sword with his sore arm, and moves it gingerly. However, a mis-step at the bottom of the stage during the sword fight means he slips off the edge of the step and slams his knee into the sharp corner of the stair.

DIRECTOR: Ouch! Are you alright?

CASSIO (rubbing his knee hard, voice high with pain): Fine! Fine!

They carry on, and all seems to be going well, though CASSIO is limping. Then, when the GENTLEMEN step in to separate the combatants, CASSIO gets an elbow in the jaw.

GENTLEMAN: I’m sorry! Oh my gosh, I’m so sorry!

CASSIO: ‘S’alright. You didn’t hit me that hard.

DIRECTOR: Cassio, I really think you ought to go to the sick bay with that wrist, and your knee doesn’t look right..

CASSIO: I’m just bruised! It’s like when Emilia fell down the steps.

IAGO (under his breath):  Really? I thought I broke her fall quite nicely.

CASSIO: Seriously, it’s just a bit sore. You know all those boxes that we used for the set of Oliver Twist? One of them got under my feet.

RODERIGO: You landed pretty hard though...

CASSIO: I’m fine, see! (he flexes his bashed knee, which seems to be working just fine)

The DIRECTOR shrugs, and they continue the rehearsal. At the end of the day, the cast finally convined CASSIO to go down to the sick bay.

Turns out he’d sprained his wrist, and his knee swelled up ridiculously large as a result of the bruising. At least his face matched.

The End

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