Scene Five: My Dignity for a Horse!

DIRECTOR: I think we ought to get some motion in the back of this scene. Cassio, can you stay up the front here with these two, that’s great. The rest of you, you’re at a party for goodness’ sake! Let’s have some motion; wander about, talk to people, laugh, joke, you know the drill!

The cast nod, and the scene re-starts. The extras start moving around more, and gradually they get into the vibe.

DIRECTOR: Great, great, good work guys!

Suddenly RODERIGO and IAGO come crashing through the scene. IAGO is piggy-backing RODERIGO, and he’s waving a school tie around his head and singing very badly at the top of his lungs.

IAGO (singing horribly): Let’s get it started, ha! Let’s get it started –

RODERIGO: In here!

IAGO: Whoo, come on guys, party time!

They run around the stage a few times, laughing fit to burst, then vanish backstage again. The DIRECTOR stares after them.

CASSIO: I thought it was me who was supposed to be bad with drink?

MONTANO (quietly): I knew I shouldn’t have let Iago have that coffee...

The End

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