Scene Four: Hat's a Wrap!

The DIRECTOR sits in her chair, looking up at the stage, waiting for the cast to come in. The sound of a door opening, followed by the sound books being but down and muffled conversation heralds their arrival. She smiles and sits back in her chair.

DIRECTOR: Alright everyone, grab your scripts. I want to do a quick run through of being before the council, if that’s okay. Also, there’s a couple of lines I’ve reallocated so all you Gentlemen get a say.

Noises of assent come from behind stage. The set is wriggled around, and then on comes the DUKE OF VENICE, wearing a bowler hat with green hair sticking out of the bottom. The DIRECTOR opens her mouth to say something when the rest of the council appear, wearing the same hats. OTHELLO then trots on with long orange locks flowing past his shoulders.

OTHELLO: From “Her father loved me”?


RODERIGO (wearing a floppy green hat with elf ears sewn onto the sides): And I’m coming in from the left at the end of it, right? I think we rearranged that last time.

DUKE: Yeah.

BRABANTIO (skittering onto the stage with his witch’s hat balanced on his head): Hang on, let me find the page!

The DIRECTOR stares at them all, utterly stunned. However, as the actors have already started acting, she leaves them to it. However, IAGO doesn’t appear on his cue.

OTHELLO: Iago ... Iago ... Oi! Ancient! Get your butt out here now!

IAGO (irritably): I’m coming, I’m coming. Sorry, Cassio’s box is out to get me today. (He walks on, and on his head is a wig made of very very long blonde hair that trails nearly to his knees)

The DIRECTOR is clearly fighting to stay concentrated now. Then, DESDEMONA sticks her head around the wings, and the sight of her sends the DIRECTOR into hysterics. DESDEMONA walks onto the stage and scratches her head beneath the multicoloured afro. The other members of the cast hi-five.

OTHELLO: I knew this was a good idea.

BRABANTIO: Reckon she’ll yell at us for this?

DUKE: Who cares? It was worth it just to see you in that hat.

The End

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