Scene Three: Cross-Eyed Lovers

EMILIA: You want me to what!?

DIRECTOR: Jump on him! Seriously, it’ll look really good from here.

IAGO: But ... she’s on the top step...

DIRECTOR: That’s the point. When she sees Othello’s going to go for you, she jumps down and grabs you to keep him away. Then, on the line “I did”, she backs away and has her little tirade. Make sense?

IAGO (worriedly): You actually trust me to catch her?

DIRECTOR: Yeeeeees.

IAGO: Me. The clutz. The one who can’t even pick up a chair without decapitating someone.

GRATIANO mutters something offstage.

DIRECTOR: Look, I’ll put a crash mat in for the first few times if that makes you feel any better.

IAGO and EMILIA look at each other and gulp.

EMILIA: I apologise in advance if I break your neck.

IAGO whimpers. MONTANO, OTHELLO and the momentarily revived DESDEMONA move a crash mat into position behind him.

DIRECTOR (returning to her seat): Okay, go for it guys!

The cast get back into position. EMILIA scrambles down and flings herself into IAGO’s arms. However, she is just a little too forceful and, unprepared for the impact, IAGO crashes backwards onto the mat with EMILIA on top of him.

They try again, but IAGO is momentarily distracted and EMILIA jumps on him from behind. IAGO goes face-down onto the map with a shriek.

OTHELLO: Oi, it’s my job to kill him!

IAGO (muffled): Gettoff!

DESDEMONA: Really Emilia, there’s a time and place to try and seduce your husband! And they called me a strumpet!

More and more attempts are made, and each time IAGO ends up on the mat. Eventually DIRECTOR sighs.

DIRECTOR: Okay, we’ll try something else. This clearly isn’t going to work. I’ll think about it over the weekend, and we’ll try something else on Monday, okay guys?

The cast nod and begin to pack their things. Lying on the mat, looking very sorry for himself after the last, particularly violent crash-landing by EMILIA that seems to have crippled him where it hurts, IAGO moans. RODERIGO comes over to him.

RODERIGO: Want me to carry you?

IAGO holds up his arms, and RODERIGO pulls him up over his shoulder like a sack of potatoes. He runs down the hall after the others, IAGO wincing and yowling at the impact. OTHELLO ruffles his hair on the way out, and IAGO glares at him.

IAGO: You will pay for this. You will all pay...

The End

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