The Othello Diaries

The Winter Solstice Drama Production of Othello was a roaring success, but it didn't get there without its ups and downs. Come and watch the fun as Othello, Cassio, Desdemona, Iago, Emilia and all their friends get into all manner of hi jinx. Warning: contains inappropriate use of stage equipment, nonsensical rants and makeup atrocities.

The stage lay empty. The newly installed spotlight creaked softly to itself in the rafters, while the brand new curtains whispered quietly in a non-existent breeze. The floor shone with new wax, and the smell of fresh paint still hung in the air. The workmen had only been gone a day, yet already the place was still and silent as a ghost town. Dusty set pieces from years gone by lay forlorn backstage, and bits and pieces of discarded costume and props littered the floor like dead leaves in autumn.

Then, suddenly, the door open, and in the light of the pale autumn morning, a small figure stood illuminated. Footsteps rang between the long deserted aisles and stirred up the dust on the seats into swirling plumes. Up the steps the footsteps went, until they came clattering to a halt on the far right of the stage. A few soft creaks from the floor, a bit of muttering, and a satisfying clunk, and the sign slid happily into place.

Winter Solstice Drama Performance: Shakespeare’s “Othello”.

Then the footsteps clattered back into life, and once again light flashed across the hall as the door opened. However, when the great hinges clunked back into place, the silence could not resettle. Something had changed in the hall; a tiny spark that had lain dormant for three months had begun to rekindle amongst the dusty props and dozing lights.

The actors were coming back.

The End

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