Talking to Self

Talking to Self, addictive and only makes you want to shut up even more, although the more you do it the longer way back to sanity.

Stop talking to yourself in this absurd fashion. It is merely an indulgence and one which you must not indulge in. Or if you do talk to yourself, at least don't ramble on with this utter nonsense as you seem to be doing. Simply abominable. Why don't you get off your great buttocks and do something? Idleness is a sin, and so idle useless meaningless thoughts must be sins too. Therefore, my dear friend, shut up and leave someone else to say what there is to be said, if there is anything to be said, which there isn't at this rate. You're confused now, twit. Confusion is something we can all do without, and in precisely the same way we can more than do without all these words which don't explain anything at all. Yes, we can. These stupid musings are explaining only your constant stream of immediate shallow little thoughts, which no one wants to hear, especially yourself, and the persistant battles the different stubborn idiot sides of you are having with each other all the time. That's the key to your thinking, and if you can get past it there is surely just a little depth and meaning to this rubbish, of course a long way below the surface. That is if you lazy idle cow can be bothered to take the trouble to decipher it all from what isn't remotely important or constructive, like most of these stupid unnecessary words.

The End

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