A story for the brotherhood and the feelings you go through to save your loved ones.A story in which not only the basic story of a prince will be included but also many pieces of the fantasy that will catch your interest.

A prince?Well when you think of a prince..don't you start thinking of someone who would come to you on his white horse and save you from the monsters?This is the basic story of the prince who saves the princess in one fateful day.Everygirl had dreamt of a boy like that to come and save her...well in real life.Of course not every dream can turn into a reality unfortunatly.

"Go to sleep,darling,don't worry.I am sure nothing is going to happen to you."Her mother said.As every other night,Emily couldn't sleep.What was her problem?Doctors thought she is just seeking for the attention that her parents usually can't give her because of their daily work.She was a really lonely girl.She had turned her room into a cage that she didn't want to run away from.It was a cage that wasn't trapping her was actually letting her fly.Even if the room was small her imagination was pretty open for many other ideas how she could spend her next day.Her family was rich.Rich..but she didn't care.She wasn't wearing the clothing the maids were giving her.She wasn't...the average twelve years old girl who wanted to be loved.She was despite the opposite.She didn't want anyone to see her.If she could disappear it could be okey.

Every night when she closes her eyes she enters another dimention which she controls.Her own world that she had created so she had something to do.Who knew that only one idea of hers could create a whole new world where someone could live?

She wasn't normal and she knew it.She was into her dreams and ideas for other dimentions too much but still there was something that was making her look like a normal girl like every other on this world..the fact that she had a prince..that prince on a white horse that every girl wanted.She had created him in her mind till perfection but her mind was something greater than she thought it was.

Every human has a part of their brain where they keep their dreams and hopes for things that may not happen to them in the real world they live in.Who knew that one mind could create a new dimention?A new world in which humans live and not only humans.Every another kind of living being that we think of.Vampires...werewolves...they are part of our imagination?Well,who knows.Sometimes we think we are just creating everything and we are the only living being that are smart and talk.

Atleast this was what Emily thought.She believed in her own world which could make every other person laugh at her.No person would be seriously thinking of believing a small closed girl that had not seen the sunlight.The night had come and the time when she needed to go to sleep.And this night she decided.It was the time when her prince will be waking up.The prince was born.

The End

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