This Is My Art

Verse: This is my art

Self destructive art

Eating away

At my cold blackened heart


Pacing the floors

Of this topsy turvy game

Chance at life, chance at death

Just can't give it a name


Chorus: Mother I let you down

Daddy I'm sorry

I'm racked with guilt and pain and shame

About what I've done

I've got to go and find myself

I might not come back

But if you never see my face again

Remember this

I'm standing at the doorway

With a noose around my neck

Won't you please

Forgive me?


Verse: I wear a mask

So hard to see

The turmoil

Deep inside


Old Hamlet had it easy

'To be or not to be?'

Because the world is beautiful

But humanity is bleak



My fingers tremble

I've lost all of my strength

This is something I have to do

In reflection on the matter

I fix the rope until it's tight

Then look up at the stars

It's confessions

Of depression





The End

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