See The Places We'll Never Die

Verse: You play the game, deceive me

It's all the same, keep bleeding

Don't drown among your words

'Cause they are packed with poison


I'll write your name on a glass wall

I'll crack the pane with the red ink

I don't want to see your blind name

'Cause it's packed with poison


Chorus: Let's see the places we'll never die

You can smash our faces but we won't cry

That's not what we'll break

Every time I see you I try

To comprehend what's inside

That's not what we'll break


Verse: When they're around I keep mum

Even though they blast sound at me

It's simple just to say 'easy'

'Cause it's packed with poison


I'll play along til they hit me

Bite back the words that hold me

Maybe they'll one day realise 

That I am packed with poison




The End

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