The (not so) Big Book of Songs

This is just some of my work - it's not very good, but never mind:)

Keep On Going

Verse: Empty bottles on the shelf

Time is always passing

There was no love, there is no loss

Only double crossing


Without a place I have not seen

How can I know that there has been

A face without a mask

An innocent with eyes


Chorus: There's a light at the end of the tunnel

It's fading fast and I think our time has passed

We should leave and wait for another day to dawn

Hey pretty boy - why do you look so forlorn?


Verse: Without a setting of the sun

I just want to fly and run

Right across the non-existent soul

But I can't live without the cold


You got to breathe to feel alive

But the sorrow deep inside

Makes your life worth living




The End

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