The People

It's all about the people.  As you read more and more what someone offers up, you'll learn a little more about them.  Me?  A little cynical but not quite as much as last summer.  It is a collaborative site, so it only works through collaboration.

Are you on facebook?  Put your facebook link on your profile.  Or not.  I don't.  But I've added some people who have.  Why?  Because it's more than just writing.  It's motivation. 

We all want to write, to become better writers and maybe someday make a million dollars from one six stanza poem.  We can only do that if we write everyday.  Or even if we don't want writing to make us rich, we all use it as some type of outlet.  For me, it's the community first.  If I pick others up, then they'll pick me up.  Then I'll be in a good mood and write something stellar!

Same thing for comments.  I know that between reading and writing, we all have to make time for everyday life.  Heck, even copoy and paste your favourite line.  Promise you that even that will be appreciated.  A comment is as well a great way to be noticed. 

However, don't leave a comment to "please read this" if you haven't read something from the person you're soliciting.  It's a give and get kind of thing.

Immerse yourself in the community.  You're part of, perhaps, the world's largest writer's group.  You're bound to make a few friends along the way. 

And we can push each other in the right direction. 

The End

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