Read, Protagonize and Be Merry

So you’ve had a long day at work – deadlines to meet, meetings to attend, emails to respond to, and so on. Maybe you’ve had too much to deal with at school with too many assignments bogging you down. Maybe things didn’t quite go your way at home. The kids didn’t listen to you and you’re exhausted from the mountainous chores you had to do.

You want to escape the pressures and the monotony of life even if for a little while, to let your creative juices flow, to a different world, a world filled with drama, fantasy, comedy, romance, adventure or whatever your fancy is; a world that is what you envision it to be; a world that you create with the help of others who share the passions and similar interests as yourself; a world where you decide what happens next. Welcome to Protagonize!

We want to hear from you! We want to read your stories, your ideas and interests.

Others have already given some excellent guidelines about the different types of stories you can participate in, Protagonize etiquettes, commenting, rating and so on. I won't go there.

I’ll admit, we writers are a narcissistic bunch. We spend more time writing and reading our own stuff more than we do others, and get disappointed if no one has rated or commented on our stories yet. Don’t worry too much about it.

Personally, I like it when someone rates my post. (At least they have taken the time to read it).

I like it better when they add some comments.

I love it when they rate and add comments. (Thank you!)

Not all ratings will be “Fantastic”.  If someone has given you a lower than expected rating but hasn’t elaborated, don’t take it personally. Maybe it was their opinion and they didn’t feel comfortable enough to offer criticism without being anonymous.

Remember, it is not a contest here. Write because you love to and want to get better at it by learning from each other. Leave the ego out, and have fun reading others’ stories and commenting on what you liked about them, and if you have any suggestions on could be better, in addition to writing your own.

Life can be stressful, but Protagonizing doesn’t have to be.

Oh, and by the way, please remember to upload a picture of yourself. It could be your own picture, a picture of yourself when you were a kid, or it could be a cartoon - just any image that would help us associate you with. A picture, after all, is worth a thousand words!

Once again, welcome, and we look forward to Protagonizing with you!

The End

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