The Nook of Nurturing - A Place of Welcome

Hello there. lovely writer!

Come on in; sit down.  Make yourself at home in this microcosm we call Protagonize.

 Not sure how it all all works?  Yes, it's confusing at first, I know.  There are lots of buttons, aren't there?  Look at all that writing.  Look at all those faces - some with very odd, even scary, names.

Come here a minute, so I can whisper in your ear....

They aren't scary at all.  Actually - they're just like you are.  They're all writers.  Yes - I know, some of them have these big red or orange or blue badges, when all you have is a black or a grey one.  But I'll let you into a secret.  They started off with a black badge, too.  And they felt exactly like you did, when they arrived.

As for those red-badge folks - they just don't know when to stop - very fond of their own voices.  But if you want one, you can have a red badge too.  Want to know how?

Well, your first port of call should be the Help Centre.  See that big blue button on the right?  Give it a click, and have a read through the "getting started" section.  It's very useful, and will answer most of your questions, including those you didn't realise you had.

If you want to start writing straight away, after you've read that, you'll find it dead easy.  Or you could just wander round for a bit, look at profiles. and read a few stories. You might find something you want to add to.  If you do, and it isn't a solo story - have a look at the Author Guidance box, just in case there are any special instructions.  If there isn't any guidance, don't worry - sometimes it isn't needed.  Just read the opening chapter, and any follow-ups, and you'll get your guidance from there.

I'll hand over to someone else now.  Nice to meet you, and have fun!

The End

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