The silent night sky

The sky at night is the most merciful thing in the world. Every day I go through the same, repeated daylight hours. I know in the morning this is what I will hear:

"Izzy get up!"

"Take money for lunch Izzy!"

"Hiya Izzy!"

"How are you today Izzy?"


"Izzy did you hear?!"

"Help me with this Izzy!"

"A* as usual Izzy!"

"Izzy I just noticed I have this strange lump on my..."

"Izzy help I think I'm pregnant!"

"Izzy I need advice and guidance and support and kindness and wisdom and attention and I need it from you!"

That is the sound of each and every one my mornings. I always do it. I forfill their every need. Every. Time. I am powerless to do otherwise. In the afternoon it's not that different:

"Once again A* Izzy! You will be a great future.."

"Izzy could you take a look at this?"

"Izzy we have some matters to attend to can you be in the staffroom at..."

"Izzy can you help me with my homework?"

"How was your day today Izzy?!"

"Do you want to go downtown with me Izzy?"

"Hey Izzy does this dress suit me?"


"Izzy help theres been a flood!"

"The whole world is resting on your shoulders Izzy and you need to look after it! Without your help our entire society will splinter Izzy!"

That is the sound of each of my afternoons. And I always do it. Every. Time. I listen to the figures and the issues and i block up the holes and put out the fires and rescue the cats and evaluate the outfits and answer the calls. I do it Every. Single. Day.

But at night it's different. At night I wait untill my family sleep and I quietly sneak from my house. I walk past the school where I spend my hectic mornings and it is quiet. I walk through the town where I spend my afternoons and it is still.  Eventually I come to a silent field, hidden in the forest near my city.

That is where I spend the night. I lay on my back and look up at the beautiful stars and I revel in the fact that I don't hear anything. No help Izzy. No now Izzy. No Izzy at all. I know that if it weren't for the silent, perfect stars I wouldn't be able to go through it. Every. Single. Day. If it weren't for the night sky I wouldn't be able to fake my smile, or keep my A*s. I wouldnt be able to keep my whole world up like I do. I sometimes lay there and think about the fact i never hear please Izzy or Thank you Izzy or Well done Izzy. But it matters not. Because I get my silence. Every. Single. Night.

This is me and my night sky.

The End

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