The Biggest Star

It all started at a young age, twelve to be precise,

When my little child heart was stricken with grief at his demise.


They told me that the night sky contained Stars,

That were portals to different worlds up far,

Where your world was shaped by your hearts desires,

And where you could watch down and fill your loved ones prayers.


I never sat on the cold, hard ground, but stood frozen,

Watching all the stars that were multiplied by a dozen.


My mom used to say that the brightest one was him,

My little eyes would search with a whim,

And the largest star would shine in my world,

And, oh! How I wished that big star to hold!


I would reach and grab, and wonder and want,

And at night, my dreams the star would haunt.


Presently, I still look up, seeing the big star that my dad has become,

Knowing that the night sky his brightness he will overcome.


Night skies are always a sorce of why,

But this is me and the night sky.

The End

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