Lupus, Gathering...

A dark atom in the thousand pockets of light
We, colliding stars, come together in a brawl,
A swift kiss under ancient eyes, lunar peephole,
Nebulous, the breed of dancing that brought us here.

We're just facing oblivion, on the wrong side of the world,
In the darkness we're penetrating, nothing could seem right,
So desperately I want to say the words that will rhyme,
To win your heart tonight.

But nothing is so simple, below celestial lights.

I will just keep crawling, beneathe the dark canvas,
Spilling what is left of stars from my womb,
I will trace the outline of the moon on your face,
and I will bring to you the center of the suns from far away.

So every night I run to the sky,
Running in the solar winds,
Masked by pretty stars
Scarred by lunar sins,
This is the sky and I,
This is my promise made,
I will bring down the sky for you,
and lay it in your wake.

Beyond nebulas here, I stand...
This is me, and the night sky...

The End

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