Under the Sky

"Jonathon, what are we doing out here?" I peer into the darkness of the old baseball field, trailing along behind him. "It's dark," I state simply, contented to be here with him, nonetheless.

He stops then, and for a moment I am blinded as the beam of the flashlight catches my eye. He hands it to me. I point it downward as he spreads out a blanket on the dewy grass.

He lowers himself onto it, leaning back and placing one arm beneath his head. I follow suit and lie beside him, my stomach giving a nervous flutter.

He takes the light from me then and switches it off. There is nothing but the darkness looming all around us.

"Look," he says, raising a pointed finger into the sky. I finally take my eyes off him and raise them upwards.

"The stars?" I ask, a little bewildered.

"The stars."

We're quiet for a moment. "They're beautiful," I say, mostly to fill the silence between us.

"Which one is your favourite?" he asks.

"My favourite?" I'm a little hesitant to answer. "But they all look the same."

"They're not the same. They're each a part of something different, a story, a history."

I think about what he has said. "Do you know any of the stories?"

"I know a few," he tells me, but nothing more.

I shimmy a little closer to him on the blanket, because I am getting a little cold. I wonder if he notices.

"People used to live by the stars, you know. Their beliefs and rituals depended on them. In fact, their whole lives revolved around them."

"I can't imagine that," I say, because I can't.

Just then, his little finger and mine touch as we lie side by side. Maybe it was a twitch. Did he do it, or did I?

This time, he is the one that moves a little closer. Our hands rest between us for just another moment until he takes mine in his.

"So, you and the stars...you've got a thing going on, hey?" It's a little easier for me to speak now.

"This is me." He shrugs a little.

Another moment of quiet passes. Then, "Maybe I could be part of your night sky too."

He squeezes my hand a little more tightly.

The End

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