Night in Niland

After a long day of sweltering heat..  We decided to take a cool night ride.  There was a wonderful breeze that invigorated us as we traveled along the I10.

It wasn't long before we had reached Indio, we stopped where the 10 bifurcated into 111 and 86.  We picked up snacks and continued down 111. 

It was a beautiful night, stars literally twinkled.. We traveled on for another hour or so and decided to turn off at the Niland exit.  There was a black top which gave way to a dirt road.  We drove a few more minutes and then, there it was. 

The front of the car aimed upwards, we were on the bank of the canal.  In fact, canals cut through Niland. 

The thing here, this night was not the canals, not the fish, not even the fact that it was cool.. It was the Night Sky..

I think for once I actually saw my ex husbands jaw drop..

The Night Sky was not black, as some would think, instead it was deep, deep, purple, along the horizon, it was trimmed in the lightest of blue.. The stars hung there like little jewels, they glistened and pulsated with soft light . 

I lay back on top of the hood and allowed the sky to just cover me in all it's beauty, in all its quiet solace,  cover me and comfort me,  like a blanket.  I remember thinking,  "If I called out to Jehovah, would He tuck me in."

I don't think I will ever feel that way again, just the beauty, quiet, magnificence of it, took my breath away.  The closeness is what amazed me most..  Nothing mattered at that time, I knew I could just be.  I had no troubles, no ills, everything was fine..

"This is me and the Night Sky"

The End

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