The night is ours

As children, in that bygone era, when children could stay outside until bedtime, we thought the night was ours. There were four of us boys back then, and during the summer months we were given a large truck inner tube from a truck repair shop. After several patches to stem the leaks we were able to inflate it. This inner tube served as a pillow as we lay in a circle on the cool grass at night gazing at the stars, and solving life's little problems.

The grown-ups were all inside their  homes, reading the papers or listening to the radio. We boys felt the night and the stars were ours. In grade school we didn't know of constellations, so we named the stars ourselves. This one was Lucky Strike, that one was Camels, or Old Golds. We were learning how to smoke cigarettes, so it was only natural to name the stars after our new found habits. 

Leaping forward ten years, found me in the US Navy. As a sailor standing watch at sea was almost magical. During those periods of  times when the ship played war games, all the outside lights were turned off. These times were few, but it was these same times when you could almost touch the stars. The 'enemy' was out there, but the night was ours.

This was me and the night sky.

The End

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