My Night Sky

Unlike the seductive glister of diamonds,

Or the lazy gleam of uninvited light,

prodding the glass.

The stars twinkle shyly,

a starting spark

of a firework.

The great onyx plane

parade these nocturnal fireflies.



My glass window evanesces

into the black night sky.

I admire the contrast

of the sparkles against the darkness;

having brightened and darkened

every island, corner and graveyard.

Witnesses of all before

these chestnut eyes of mine,

now dribbled with flecks of yellow. 



I stare.

Thoughts untangle and vanish.

The raven sheet and stars exist

not to judge or reprimand.

They are not God’s eyes,

that seek for sins and virtues.

They are a source of harmony. 

This is me, my stars, and my night sky. 

The End

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