I used to be amazed by the night sky as a kid, watching the stars twinkle in the darkness. I'd point out the various constellations to myself, look them up or ask my Dad and try to figure out why they were called one thing or another. I was very literal as a kid and I couldn't see why Little Bear was called just so, it didn't look like a bear at all!

Over time, I've stopped looking up, but I've always remained fascinated by that endless expanse of night. I learned that the stars were huge burning balls of gas and were billions of miles away. I learnt about planets and nebulas and all sorts of celestial miscellany. I've always been interested in the truth behind things, the science, the facts but sometimes I look up and still see the sky I saw as a child, that magical blanket doused in magic lights.

I see that sky everytime I write, everytime I create something. Not to say that science and creativity are separate things, far from it, the science of the night time sky spurred me on to create and learn more than any science experiment ever did. There's a beauty there, both within and without the science behind that dark blue curtain.

So sometimes, even though the night time sky no longer holds the same meaning for me it once did, I still look up on that rare occasion and just appreciate the sky for what it is: beautiful in both it's fact and it's fiction.

This is me and the night sky.


The End

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