It Takes My Breath Away

I cried to the night sky.  It still takes my breath away.  As a young woman, nearly a child really, I walked alone under the night sky on too many occasions.  In the quiet, in the dark, I have never felt so alone.  The night, my only companion.  The sky, my only friend.

I loved under the night sky.  The twinkling stars blurred by the passion of the night.  I don't remember the lover, but I do recall the stars.

I searched the night sky for words to match my feelings, my gut aching to be heard.  Gazing into the infinite blackness, the words were found, the song was written. 

I danced with my moon shadow under the night sky.  Oh, the wonder of a moon shadow.  

I drove in the night, the side of my head pressed to the window, peaking at the brilliant sky, dreaming of times past, listening to the sound of the tires on the road.  Road tripping under the night sky.

I slept under the beautiful blanket of the night sky, watched the constellations move from one horizon to the other, caught my breath after it was stolen by a shooting star, an orange moon, a deep purple cloud.

It takes my breath away.  In the winter it makes the snow glow, in the summer, it brings the cool breeze.  It inspires me.  It touches my soul.

This is a little bit of me and the night sky.


The End

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