Missed the Cosmic Bus

I awoke to this glorious, unseasonably...nice October Saturday, grinning in the dawning realization my life...life, small-l...has become a black comedy.

Oh, I needed no reminder in my green youth I regularly chose the path less traveled. I zigged left instead of right when I woke this morning, oh yes. Instead of striding purposefully for the toilet, I navigated the dark apartment toward the bedroom window. Parted the curtains. Filled my eyes with clear sky, glowing deep blue. Gazed at the nearly last-quarter moon. It was still close enough with glaring Jupiter that the pair of them should use their hand signals. And Orion, O'yea. Orion sparkled up there. Orion looked like he might snag his three-starred belt on the top of the telephone pole in the alley outside.

Orion sparkled more east, y'see. He'd been clear of that telephone pole yesterday, higher, and even higher the morning before. I'd seen this scene, with slight degrees of variation, three 6:30 am's in a row now. Since Thursday.

Three 6:30's ago, I almost snatched up the cell phone, almost texted the gist of the celestial spectacle, and my wonder, to the blog. Something like: 6:31. Opend bedrm curtain. Deep blue sky. Fat moon. Jupiter's a jewel. ORION. Forgot Orion could wow in AM. Gotta pee.

I almost did that.

I didn't.

No, instead of spontaneously texting it, I breakfasted and scribbled it on a scrap of paper for my back-pocket. The gist now but the start of it. Later, at work, I scribbled it into an email draft, and scribbled some more. Moved the more around. Tidied and prettified the more. I pondered the more. I intended to post whatever it might become Thursday eve. But it didn't feel right. I pondered the more at home too.

And at moments during busy Friday.

I finally admitted it was hopeless this morning.

Now, here's the nugget I'll keep close which actually started me chuckling a moment ago, while sipping milky tea and blinking out the bedroom window at the sunshiny Saturday, just as a bus whined past on the main road: Yes, very fitting; I've missed the cosmic bus; I am become a study in studied spontaneity.

So I'm here. I've always wanted to add to The Night Sky. I'll close with This is me and the night sky.

The End

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