The NightMature

The sense of an overwhelming emotion runs free... Just thinking of returning to that place, that horrifying dungeon my so-called-mother calls school. Those mean girls that everyone for some fucked up reason loves; the so-called-popular girls. Those rodents that enjoy seeing others fall to their knees in tears, they call you names and walk away laughing. They make fun of you for being different, for being you. There they were as I tried walking in to school they yell " hey maggot". I clenched my fist and picked up my bag trying to ignore the flashbacks. The skin beneath my bandages sends rushes of pain throughout my body. Just thinking back to that day sends chills down my spine-Those words are like poison to my ears. It all comes back to me, like getting hit by truck on a calm highway. His breath on my neck, his hands on my mouth as he whispers " hey maggot, wanna play?" It all fades as I slipped into a state of comatose, not being able to see his face but being able to hear their snickering, It's like knives....It's them.

The End

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