The musings of a wannabe author!

I really want to be a writer! But how do I go about it ? What does it take to be one? I have read interviews of professionals. They seem to take it pretty seriously. They claim to set aside time for writing alone - atleast 4 hours a day! Moreover, they also have targets - in terms of the number of words per day - some claim to do about 2000 !

I also read an article about a recent novelist. She claims to have begun by googling "How to write novel" ! But she must have had something to go on - the outline of a plot at the very least ! This is what usually overwhelms and bogs me down - what do I write about ?? I do get ideas once a while - but are they good enough to be put on paper ? This thought usually dampens my enthusiasm and I fail to get started.

The notion of being a writer has always been a romantic one to me. It brings to my mind Stephanie Meyer (author of the Twilight series) working on her mac laptop in a fancy restaurant in the movie. The image of Lavanya Sankaran working on her latest book in a cafe somewhere in the vicinity of Ulsoor lake also springs to the mind.

I have dabbled quite a bit in poetry - I seem to be able to express myself better in a page long poem rather than prose. But then again, I hardly write regularly and seem to be able to do it only when I am at my lowest emotionally! Only then do words form themselves in my mind and I put them to paper!

The success stories of authors like J. K. Rowling and Stephanie Mayer make me want to fervently begin writing. In fact, I was just discussing with a friend about how people have earned a fortune by just releasing one series of fantasy novels. Of course,
I don't mean to belittle these writers or their work in any way. I am only saying, they ought to serve as inspirations for wannabes like me.

Where does one actually start ? Do I set up a blog and post entries there ? But who would read them ? Must I publicise the entries by some means ? Or would people start following them like John Watson's (of the TV series Sherlock) blog ? And supposing
there is nothing of interest there to follow ? I also tried sending my poetry to a couple of magazines , but failed to get them published! A friend of mine forwarded the link of an online publishing portal- but I am yet to create an account there. I don't know when I am going to get around to it !

I have also installed a writer app in my ipad to inspire me to start penning. Call it the beginner's inspiration - but what began as a small paragraph has grown and spawned a page - thanks to this app ! My husband has also suggested that I buy a wireless keyboard to facilitate writing. Well, that would be the next big step I would take, I suppose in this journey of words, paragraphs and pages ! 

The End

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