Love is a choice. Boy did I regret it now.

Dmitri readied his sword. We stood in the middle of the arena, and the boss stood off to the side, behind Wyatt, smiling smugly. Wyatt just looked nervous. I glanced at him, wishing he would do something, but he'd already done his best, there was nothing more he could do.

This adventure had started so well. I thought with tears in my eyes, as I readied my own weapon. Claws, fixed to a glove on my right hand, I regretted choosing it. It's short range, and the fact I knew I would feel every sensation of the sharp blades cutting through fabric and flesh made me sick with fear. The little knives were not strong enough to block a blade.

I knew this would happen. I knew on the plane getting here, as Wyatt and I danced, and he'd gotten the lyrics to the song wrong, but I'd appreciated his effort. Still, somewhere in my heart, I knew that if the plan landed in Japan, we would have a few blissful days to love and cherish each other, and Wyatt would take me to see the Sakura Plains, and we'd picnic under the flowers. But in the end, Wyatt's boss would have one or both of us killed. I was a distraction, useful only for leverage. So Wyatt had pledged his loyalty to save me, but still... a distraction.

Wyatt wouldnt be able to save me, he would be killed himself if he tried to stop this fight. Shot by the snipers lining the walls. So he'd trained me to fight, and he'd done his best and now I was here.


The battle began. I like to think I held my own for a while, but then Dmitri brought his sword down and blood spilled. My blood.

"NO!" Wyatt yelled, rushing forward, too late. He tried to lift me from where I'd fallen, but it hurt too much and I cried out. He set me back on the ground, cradling my head in his arms, and I began to cry at the loss of my own life. Never to see my family again, never to finish my novel, never to go to college. A part of my brain wondered crazily what I was even doing there in the first place. I barely knew this guy!

"Wh-" I couldnt speak, it hurt too much, it hurt to breath. Everything hurt, and my blood was everywhere, choking me. I could feel my heart crumbling beneath the weight of the hurt. I looked into Wyatt's face and saw the sadness and the regret there.

"Why didn't you save me?" I suddenly wanted to scream, but the tears and the blood choked me and trapped the words. "I gave you everything I could give!"

Why couldnt you save me when it mattered?

Above us, Dmitri laughed and clapped Wyatt on the shoulder, pulling him up and pulling him toward the boss, who nodded almost imperceptibly before turning and leading the two away.

And my world went dark.

The End

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