Feel free, in as obscure terms as you'd like, to explain your most heart-breaking moment.

You knew how I felt. Knew that this was a part of me; who I am. I could no more change that than I could change the stars, or touch the sun. 

But you decided, while I was there, to say that. To rip apart the small amount of trust I had with you on this subject. 

You and your friend; 'Jesus wouldn't accept it.' 'How wrong...' 'Against the bible...'

I'm not saying it is, because I wouldn't want to crush something important to you but:

What if the bible was just written by a bunch of men who thought they'd come up with some fables to teach the world morals? And what if you are interpreting it wrong?

Then everything we have is being crushed now for nothing. 

Sorry if you can't accept it. 

I know it's not what you're used to. 

But I like women. 

So why, mummy, can't you accept that one day, I might want to marry one?

The End

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