The Prequel To The PromMature

Act 9    

(February 15th the next day) 

Joey: Prom today! 

Daz: I thought they'd do this on Valentine's Day, rather than the day after.

Greg: What can you say? This town is a little behind on everything.

(They arrive at school, where talk is rife about the prom) 

Thomas (in front of a computer): Okay, all the clips have been put together… and now how the hell do I turn this into a tape?

Joey: Well Greg you're the mechanic.

Greg: I was good with cars, not computers.

Charmaine: Useless then.

Imogen: Says you.

Jaya: Okay, hang on then guys I got this… 

(A few minutes later, she has a disc in her hand) 

Joey: How did yew…? 

Jaya: Do that? I have hidden abilities.

Thomas: You're amazing you are.

Jaya (blushing): Yes, well we have our plea, now condensed into one disc.

Aaron: I thought it was gonna be on a tape? 

Gordon: Were too savvy fam, we have a disc.

Alan: I-d-don't think a-a disc is- s-savvy, it's just d-different.

Gordon: Are you dizzy blad? 

Alan: W-wh- what? 

Melody: He is basically asking, are you insane or mad Alan, for expressing that opinion, but don't worry, you most certainly are not.

Charmaine: Says you.

Gordon: Pair of you am Dizzy.

 Melody: Whatever, so what is the plan? 

Thomas: I and Jaya will take… oh crap! I just realised, we don't even have a car!   

Melody: It's okay, you can borrow my uncle's.

Thomas: Sure he won't mind?

Melody: If he snorts too much of Gordon's drug he is… too politely put it, not give a flying fuck about anything.

Thomas: Right then, that's sorted.

Melody (phone rings): Oh hello… yes uncle… yes you need the car for tonight. Yes you can have it… (Gets off phone) I do apologise Thomas, but my uncle needs his car to get us all there.

Thomas: So now what!?

Joey: Hold your horses, I got this covered, (Just then a chav boy enters and randomly starts beating Greg up) 

Imogen: GET OFF HIM! 

Joey: No, leave them.

(Chav boy finishes beating Greg up and then spits on him, before approaching Joey, he gives Joey some car keys and then sets off) 

Imogen: You made a deal? 

Joey: Yeah he'd say, he'd let me borrow his car for the night and for free, if he was allowed to give Greg a beating, he hates your guts cousin.

Greg: (snarling) Thanks a lot cou-sen.

Joey: It's just good business, nothing personal, besides we have a car now.

Thomas: Well at least that's cleared up.

Sasha: Best of luck to y'all.

Chantelle: And you Gordon.

Gordon: Why me? 

Chantelle: Going to the prom with that (points at Sasha) 

Sasha: Oh hell no! You did not…!

Gordon: I can handle her, she'll be in my hands at the end of this prom.

Sasha: Or y'all have been crushed in mine.

Florence: Either way, I and Greg are going to steal the show.

Greg: Oh I can't wait, just don't go too overboard Florence… 

Jack: You don't even want to know about the dress.

Joey: Anyhow Willie yew ready for a good time? 

Wilhelmina: As always.

Danny: And it all ends with Wilhelmina pregnant and Joey with HIV.

Joey: Ah Danny yew are really starting to grate on me.

Danny: (Mocking his accent) Yeah well so are yew with yew's annoying accent.

Wilhelmina: And how will your date go Danny… perfectly? 

Danny: Of course, Imogen is wet for me.

Imogen (slightly repulsed): Imogen is right here Danny and let's take it slowly, I mean what happened to the guy who was so caring on the streets? Sure you had a big ego but… 

Danny: Just getting a little ahead of myself.

Wilhelmina: Wow you finally admit it? Someone get Suzanne here; stop the press! Confession of the century right there!

Jack (as Danny opens his mouth): Bro shut up! And yes I'll have to start calling you my bro because you are. It's just odd to get used to, but can we focus on the prom right now? It all boils down to this! 

Florence: Oh yes, it does indeed. 

The End

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