Warming A Cold HeartMature

Act 8 

(Later that night) 

Joey: I can't sleep, I'm so excited for tomorrow!

Greg: It's just a prom. Not the sort of things guys get exited for.

Joey: I know, it's just… well, it will something different, won't it? And I cannot wait to see how things work out between me and Wilhelmina.

Greg: And as soon as the prom is over, I and Florence will be too.

Joey: You dumping her? 

Greg: No she's dumping me, unless a TV crew decides to create a reality show, following us two as a couple.

Joey: Don't say that, I've seen enough of Spencer and Heidi on the hills, to last me a lifetime.

Greg: I didn't know you watched those shows on MTV.

Joey: Bad hobby.

Greg: I'll say.

Joey: I still can't sleep… man, I just can't believe… 

Greg: I need the loo… (He goes to the toilet, just to get away from Joey's blabbering)  

Greg (thinking to himself): The prom is gonna be good and a lad like Joey, may find this hard to believe, but love and sex are the last things on my mind at the moment. I mean… 

(Just then a grunt cuts him off; intrigued Greg walks out into the corridor and finds Daz there) 

Daz and Greg: What are you doing here? 


Daz and Greg: Can't sleep 


Daz and Greg: Why not? 


Daz and Greg: Okay, stop fuckin' saying what I'm saying.


Daz and Greg: Okay you speak first.


Daz and Greg: Okay then, you speak first.



Joey:(From bedroom) Shut up! I am trying to sleep! 

Daz and Greg: YOU SHUT UP! 

(Joey is silent) 

Greg: Okay then… 

Daz: Okay, were speaking  separately, this is a start.

Greg: So why can't you sleep, Daniel? 

Daz: I'd ask you the same question.

Greg: It's just… I'm not really bothered about this prom. I'm going with a girl who does'’t love me and I have more pressing matters on my mind, such as that tape. I really wanna change this town…

Daz: Believe me, Greg it ay gonna happen.

Greg: Well I knew you'd say that, even you kept on the side-lines when you weren't a chav.

Daz: I and my old… mates… kept away from those chavs and then one day, BAM! Their gone for no reason and that day, I guess I saw what was best and became a chav.

Greg: Really Daniel? What ever happened to saying you cared about me and your hidden accent?

Daz: I adapted and I ay doing that accent again, for fuck sake that was a spur of the moment thing.

Greg: Then why can't you sleep now? Thinking about it?

Daz: (quickly) No! Thinking about that fucking prom ay I? Everyone will be there, and I'll have no one to go with, it's gonna be so humiliating, how the fuck do all my girlfriends end up dead?

Greg: No idea, but don't you ever wonder if the... well the higher...?

Daz: What are you on about? 

Greg: The higher, a nickname… Imo… well… I, made for the people who paid the chavs to target you, because you were a Winter.

Daz: Whoever they were, their finished with me now. I ay been bothered in years… 

Greg: But they have Daniel! They pressured you! Turned you into a chav! And now they might have set the events in motion, that got your girlfriends killed! And you got landed with me! Looking after Mortdale's most wanted! And now Jamz has died just before you have gone to the prom, so you're going alone! 

Daz: But every single one of my girlfriends died because of… well Frank Tibet, The Fawcett's… flying buses… white trucks… etc… not the fucking higher you're on about.

Greg: But something doesn't add up… at all.

Daz: Whatever, I ay bothered.

Greg: Daniel deep down I know you are… and maybe… 

Daz: Greg I ay in the mood for a fucking heart to heart, look I'll fucking make my plea to that camcorder, just to shut you up.

Greg: Really? 

Daz: Yes.

Greg: Oh Cousin Daniel! (Goes to hug him,Daz holds him back at arm's lenght) Thank you so much!

Daz: Now get the fuck off and never try to do that again.

Greg: Okay… okay…

(Starts to record) 

Daz: So um… leaders of the country ay? I'm Daz… well Daniel Winters. I'm 26 and I moved to this town for Uni and yeah it's pretty bad and we want some changes. I'm not as focused like my cousin Greg, but y'know yeah… we need changes so… well I dunno really, to make my cousin happy, so we doe have to suffer any more. Give us money, because my house smells like shit… anyhow I may look a chav, but I reckon it's time to change. Well is that it? Greg can I stop now? 

Greg (turning off camcorder): Yes, that was good Daniel.

Daz: Good, not amazing? 

Greg: Imma be honest with you, we had better.

Daz: Well I day want it to be to over the top. (Pauses) fuck me, what I am doing? 

Greg: The right thing, I know you're not a chav deep down and you know that because of your accent, and your past. Thanks for that anyway, I'll leave you alone now.

Daz: Yeah you do that… 

(Greg turns to leave, as he does he notices something) 

Greg: Have you been working out Daniel? You seem to have grown some muscles.

Daz: Trick of the light, go to bed already.

Greg: And is that a strand of blonde hair I see under that cap? 

Daz: That ay anything (hides his cap with his hands) go to bed already.

(Greg does so, but catches one last glance of Daz in front of the bathroom mirror inspecting his appearance) 

Greg (thinking to himself): Daniel, you keep looking at yourself, because if you look twice everything ain't what it seems.

(He goes to bed) 

The End

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