Date's and DemandsMature

Act 6 

Greg (opening door): Erm, miss? Mind if we come in? 

Miss Wellington: Why certainly! You caught me during my free period, aren't you lucky! 

Aaron: Oh yeah real lucky *Please note, the obvious sarcasm* 

Miss Wellington: So how are my little ickles, my little pupils… do all your history homework?

Imogen: We… 

Miss Wellington: Good! That's what I like to hear! 

Imogen: But, I didn't say anything.

Sasha: The truth hurts, she doesn't want to hear it.

Greg: Speaking of the truth miss, were making a tape to send off to parliament, so the MP's will change this town for the better, we need everyone to get involved and so far we have. So we want you, to tell the camera why you want some change.

Miss Wellington: Will do Gregory!  Righty! (Greg starts to record)

Miss Wellington: My name is Margaret Wellington, I have lived in this town all my life and as a resident here, I would like to see some improvement to the way my town is run. As the commonly described chav, or thug, not only makes teaching for me hard, but also endangers my life. When I drive home every day, they end up throwing stones at my car… trying to firebomb my car… oh all sorts, so for those reasons, yes I want to see change in this town and I want it well… now! (Greg finishes recording) so how was that? A politically changeling speech? One of anger? One to go down in history?

Imogen: Well that erm… ending outburst, was certainly the icing on the cake.

Miss Wellington: Oh I feel so proud!

Alan: Y-you ke-keep on feeling that w-way m-miss.

Miss Wellington: So have any of you found a prom date yet?

Chantelle: Could ask you the same question miss.

Miss Wellington: Well… I guess i… well… nah… well… no… 

Chantelle: God yam, a helpless Romantic aren't ya? 

Miss Wellington (getting upset): Well no, it's just us staff… well… It would seem odd… 

Imogen: But my mum taking my dad there, so you know, staff are allowed.

Miss Wellington: Well… 

Danny (alarmed): Wait! Why's your mum going to the prom?

Imogen: To keep an eye on us and most likely laugh at the people who haven't found a date.

Chantelle: Miss Wellington then.

Sasha: Don't be such a bitch, anyhow were done here, we'll see you later Miss… 

Miss Wellington: Okay… off you go… 

(Sasha shoves them out of the room)

Gordon: What did you shove us out for? I mean what da fuck did you…?


(Astonished silence) 

Gordon: Alright, God's sake… 

Sasha: She looked upset, I thought she needed her privacy.

Joey: What makes yew think…? 

(They all here a loud wail from the door behind them, this is followed by loud sobbing) 

Danny: Oh well, all she needs are her ice creams and cats and she'll be fine.

Wilhelmina: Imogen, I'm confused, why are you giving this cocksucker, care and attention? 

Imogen: He can be sweet Wilhelmina, you just haven't seen that side to him.

Wilhelmina: I live with him, so I know Damien best and quite frankly 99% he is unbearable along with our “mother” Madonna wannabe Zsa Zsa and the bickering couple of Jack and Florence, who keep me awake every night.

Danny: Well there's always the streets Willie.

Wilhelmina: Brilliant thinking Damien, I'm sure you'll love to go back to them, remember how you loved being so streetwise? 

Imogen (as Danny opens his mouth): ENOUGH! Can we please just get that tape finished, we only have 10 minutes of school left and we still have Mr Rayne and his class to do.

Aaron: Oh fuckin' hell, with him, we'll need 10 years not minutes

Greg: We'll have to try guys, c'mon… 

(They run across the school, reaching the maths room and opening the door to Mr Rayne's classroom, where he is busy lecturing some year 7's)  

Mr Rayne: (Turning to them): Why the bloody hell have you burst into my lesson? My lesson!? Right now, you should be ashamed, the lot of ya, you young whippersnappers, are all going on my naughty list, for this.

 Chantelle: Ohh yes, I like this naughty list… and now were all on it… 

Greg: Sir, were in here because… 

Mr Rayne: Don't want to hear it Mr. Winters, you've caused enough trouble, as it and these year 7's may have been through hell, but they still have to concrete on their maths, on their lessons. Your misadventures have been distracting and damaging to these students, but I will ensure they have a future and degrees!

Jack (guffawing): Good luck with that.

Mr Rayne: Attitude young man.

  Jack: Bite me… and no Chelsea not literally.

Danny: Nice one, learn from your older brothers mistakes, see? So much I can teach you.

Jack: I'm not a rookie in this you know, I have lived in Mortdale for 16 years.

Danny: Yeah I've lived in Mortdale for 18 years and I've been on the streets, so I deserve more respect.

Mr Rayne: Yeah well I've lived in Mortdale for 80 years and I've been on the streets, my mum and dad died when I was 1, I lived in a foster home since I was 2, my own brother used to abuse me, and… 

Imogen: Look, can you boys please go and practice your X-Factor auditions at another time; we have a tape to do.



(Greg is correct, there are only 8 year 7's present 4 boys and 4 girls, one of these boys is Charlie who smiles back up at Greg)

Mr Rayne: Least you know your maths you can count to 8.

Greg: There should be 30 to 35 in this class.

Mr Rayne: And whose fault is it there are only 8 left? 

Greg: The thugs in this town, Frank Tibet, Kyle and his cronies, basic common chavs etc… who have been determined to kill me ever since I've set foot here, and I want that to change, don't you sir? Don't you want your miserable life to end? 

Mr Rayne: You want me to commit sucide? What are you on, boy?! 

Greg: No… that didn't come out right I mean… well… do you want Mortdale to be a happier place, laws being enforced and all that…because…

Charlie (speaking up): Their making a video sir! A video their planning on sending to parliament! With all our pleas for change on it, surely David Cameron and co will take it consideration and make harsher laws on criminals, who make our lives here hell.

Greg: Thanks for explain' that Charlie, so Mr Rayne do you wanna make a plea, help us rather than hinder us? 

Mr Rayne: Oh well, where to begin (Greg starts to record) From the moment I was born 80 years ago, the first breath I took, I knew I was in for the hard life… anyhow… 

(A few minutes later…) 

… and you would not believe what happened when I blinked for the first time, this madman comes running up to me, tried to stab me, he did. I never let stuff like that drop… 

Imogen (whispering to Greg): Erm Greg, we only have a few minutes of school left, let's go interview the others hey? 

Greg: Sure thing…

(He walks off as the Year 7's begin to make their plea's to the camcorder, with their puppy dog eyes, Greg Is convinced this will have an effect on the politicians, especially Charlie's…) 

Charlie (crying, with large puppy dog eyes at the camera) I… try so hard… every day… even… c-coming to s-school is a challenge. I want a town where the nasty people can't h-hurt m-me anymore, can you please think about it? I know you're busy people but I just want help… it’s all I want… 

(The bell rings and Greg finishes recording) 

Charlie (fine again in seconds): So was that good? 

Greg: Brilliant, thanks a bunch Charlie, now off you go get that bus before it gets crowded.

(Charlie sets off) 

Sasha: His a nice kid.

Thomas: Which begs the question, how is he still alive here? 

Melody: Good, will always prevail over evil in the end, as long as we keep fighting and demanding change, I know without the spirits telling me, things will be getting better around here.

Danny: Well the school's day over.

Wilhelmina: Not the Valentine's Day I was expecting, but you know, I got a squeeze with Joey here and that's all that matters.

Jaya: Let's head home guys, record ourselves with our pleas and tomorrow Thomas can get all our recorded files and add them to what Greg has already recorded and make a full length tape.

Thomas: Why does everyone assume, I have to do this? 

Charmaine: Who else has got the brains for it? 

Thomas: Oh well really? Thank… 

Charmaine: Or the freaky, obsessive, nerdy, personality, to put that much time and effort into something so stupid?   

(Thomas frowns, feeling down) 

Sasha: Relax, Thomas at least you can do something, we have faith in you… no pressure.

Thomas (laughing nervously): Yeah, no pressure makes this tape, drive down to London with Jaya and drop it off, how hard can that be?

Chantelle: Not hard, still I'm going home to make my plea.

Aaron: WTF Chan!? Why are you making a plea?

Chantelle: So if I do something bad, I'll just get sent to jail and then all my other bad boys and party animals, will be in there as well and we can all have a good time… 

Aaron: But do we have to be in jail? We don't let these do- gooders step over us.

Greg: Aaron, Imma make sure this town changes, whether you like or not, you wanna kill someone and then have fun, do it behind bars, away from the rest of us where we can live and breathe in freedom, without any threats to our freedom. If this country really was a democracy then things would be like that, not us living in fear… 

Joey: … rambling on again Greg… 

Greg: Sorry, I'm just saying… 

Joey: … lecturing more like… 

Greg: … but do y'all get what I''m trying to say? 

Alan: Y-yeah… so anyhow, F-Florence you better get ready for that prom hey? Make it attention seeking enough.

Florence: That is thy middle name, don't worry I am sure the prom we hold will grab the attention of many.

Thomas: So I and Jaya can slip outta here.

Wilhelmina: And wellah! Success and change! 

(The group head home after this, saying goodbye as they prepare for the prom tomorrow; as Greg and Joey step off the bus they notice a large pink poster on a nearby wall) 

Joey: Florence's.

Greg: Must be, damn she gets round fast.

Joey: What does it say? 

Greg: Come to the Prom at White View, on the evening of the 15th February, featuring… God, she makes it sound like a movie, me Florence McKinney dancing and dating the one and only Greg Winters… and co-starring others… Danny Flynn, Wilhelmina Fawcett, Jack Henshell, Imogen Aldington, Sasha Redact… and  others… 

Joey: Well yew and Florence take up the whole poster, screw the others hey? I'm not even mentioned by name.

Greg: That's just Florence for you.

Joey: Well, I could expect nothing better (approaches front door to their house…) still I wonder how Daz and Jamz got on?

(Opens door) 


The End

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