The Non- Canonical EndingMature

Picks up In The Middle Of Act 9.

A small change, caused by Aaron, changes everything for the worse.

...(He charges forward to attack Kyle, Kyle quickly manages to keep a grip on Eric and stab Ryan in the head) 

Aaron: RYAN! 

(Ryan slumps forward dead) 



Kyle: Thank you.

Aaron:  Mate (starts to sob) 

Kyle: Big bad, man, got a heart then. I feel for you truly.

Aaron: Fuck you! HE WAS A MATE OF MINE AND… (Breaks down)  

The Canon Turn of Events, and now comes the really dark (and my first planned ending) 

Kyle: Big bad, man, got a heart then. I feel for you truly.

Aaron: Fuck you! HE WAS A MATE OF MINE AND… (In his anger, he also charges at Kyle, using his strength, he punches Kyle across the face, a dazed Kyle, ducks his next punch, and before Eric can crawl away, Kyle silts his throat open). 

Mrs Conrad: NO! 

(Eric drops dead, a pool of blood spreads around him, Aaron slips on this blood, and before he can stand again, Kyle stabs him in the torso) 

Aaron: T-this... c-can't happen...

(He dies) 

Greg: You! You! Are so dead! 

Imogen: (crying) Dad... Come on Mum! Come on! Get up! 

(Mrs Conrad slumps to her knees in defeat)

Mrs Conrad: (Mumbling): Eric.


(There is no response) 

Chantelle: Well shit, Mrs Conrad not doing anything about it! Were screwed! 

Thomas: Calm down, it can't be over! 

Mrs Conrad: No, You're right Imogen, I will finish this sad, life form off! 

(She runs forward and throws her axe at Kyle with as much force behind it as she can muster)

(It misses) 

Kyle: I see, anger has clouded your aim. 

(He stabs her, Imogen gasps in disbelief) 

Kyle: I always win, Mrs Conrad. 

(And like that, Kyle has slayed the almighty English Teacher, she slumps and dies, without a word, everyone is in shock) 

Helpless TA: W-w-what!?

Greg: (going pale) This can't happen! This can't happen! 

Kyle (licking his blood soaked knife): So whose next?


(Everyone turns to see George has appeared) 

Kyle: It's you.

George: Yeah it's me.

Greg: George, we can deal with your mess.

George: Step aside Greg, I need to clear up my mess myself!

(He charges forward, with a knife ready, he and Kyle exchange blows and try to slice each other with their knives) 

Richard: His in dangers me An-De-De's! 

Andrew: Who the hell cares? You know what he did! 

Richard: We have to help him's, we can talks abouts whats he did's laters, but for nows, we get rids of Kyle- do-do's! 

Andrew: (Snapping) Fine! 

(They charge forward to help their brother)


Andrew: We got this George! We are brothers, we have each other's backs...

(He gets no further, Kyle punches George in the face, he stumbles backwards, as Kyle then silts Richard and Andrew's throat's with one swipe of his knife, they fall to the floor choking and die) 

George: (Seeing this) No. God No! 

Lucy: GEORGE! 

George: LUCE I...! 

Lucy: I know you're sorry! 

Kyle: Yeah well, he won't be for long! 

(He charges at George, ready to finish him off, Lucy screams and dives in front of George, Kyle stabs her in the belly, pulling his knife out of her stomach, she falls back into George's arms) 

George: What... did you do that for?

Lucy (tearing up): I wanted to be useful for once.

George: (tears flowing freely) You have no idea, how useful you were for me. Don't die. Please don't die!

Lucy: (laughs) I'm happy George, like on the roller coaster, all I can see is you. But this time I'm dying for real. 

George: Luce, I'm begging you...

Lucy: Hey (raises bloodied hand to him) you know what George? Despite what you did, I still love you. 

George: I love you too, I came here, so I could clear up my mess! So I could save you! I failed! Just like I failed the newbies! Just like how I failed everyone!

Lucy: You didn't fail George... keep fighting, for me... remember, I think you're pretty awesome. 

(She dies) 

(George sobs into her corpse) 

Kyle: Oh Boo-Hoo, your wittle girlfriend is dead... who cares? Really. It's over, I'll keep on slaughtering your friends, until you give yourself up Greg. 

Greg (stepping forward): Take me then.

Kyle: (smiling) Bring it on, cowboy. 


Greg: I'm gonna end this, George, I want you too know, that you were the best friend I could have ever asked for. Despite what I learned, I want you do as Lucy said, keep fighting for Mortdale.

George: Greg what...?

Greg: Daniel, Joey. You too, the rest of y'all remember me. Remember what I taught you, and go on changing things! Carry on my work! And find out about who wanted the Winters dead!

(Without any warning, he charges forward to Kyle, who stabs him in the belly, and smiles, but Greg doesn't stop using his last ounces of strength, Greg pushes Kyle right towards the edge of the hospital roof)

Kyle: (unflinching) Guess you did give your life for Mortdale. 

Greg: Just die, you fuckin' scumbag. 

Kyle (his last words): Still I had fun today.

Everyone: NO!

(Kyle and Greg go clean over the edge of the hospital roof, there is a screaming and then a crack, a shocked Daz peers over the rooftop, at the corpses of Greg and Kyle) 


Joey: Daniel! Get back! We can't do nothing now!

Daz: BUT GREG...! HE AND I WERE... (Breaks down) 

Priest (peering over the edge): God rest their souls. Well may God rest...

(The building sways suddenly, Priest loses his balance and tumbles off the building, screaming all the way) 

Melody: UNCLE! 

(Priest hits the floor and is dead on impact)

Danny: This building is falling apart! We need to move!

Thomas: What's the point? Greg's gone!

Imogen (sullenly): It's over. 

George (rising up) No it's not! Listen to me Imogen! Listen to me everyone! Greg died to save this town! Is it just because his gone, we quit? NO! We carry on! We fight! Greg gave us a chance to change, to honour him! We will change! We will fight on!

Imogen (rising up): You're right George, we need to...

(She gets no further, a section of the roof below her collapses, she falls into the burning building, there is a splat. This confirms her death) 


(They run for it, but Charmaine doesn't make it, as she falls through the floor she yells)

Charmaine: Remember! No funerals! 

Chantelle (teary eyed): Okay.

(Charmaine dies, as the others all flee, through the burning hospital, a flaming wooden beam is about to fall on Florence, but Jack pushes her out of the way just in time, and ends up trapped under it himself) 

Florence: JACK!

Jack (in pain): Florence go!

Florence: But Jack...!

Jack: It's okay, I know (kisses her) You love me, I love you Little Princess, now go on! And live! 

(He dies as he bleeds out) 

Zsa Zsa: (Seeing this): My Jackie Boy, NO! Please! (Breaks down) 

Florence: Zsa Zsa, we need to...

Zsa Zsa: I'm sorry Florence, I can't go on without my boy... (slowly begins to climb a flaming staircase)


Zsa Zsa: I'm sorry, I have to leave you behind, but it's time for me to go. I'm tired of all this.

(She disappears from view, the flames engulf her, as she dies as she burns to death) 


(The rest of the cast escape the hospital, just as it collapses behind them) 

(Later on, George, Thomas, Jaya, Florence, Mrs Layton, Danny, Daz, Chantelle, Chelsea, Helpless TA, Joey, Suzanne, Sasha, Alan and Melody are mourning for their lost one's on the grass when Wilhelmina approaches)

Wilhelmina: Hey guys I... wait, where is everyone?

George: This is everyone.

Wilhelmina: But Greg? 

George: Died, he brought Kyle down with him.

Wilhelmina: Oh, (sits on grass) now what.

Thomas: No one knows, but the good old days are certainly over.

The Very Ending (about Chelsea) remains the same.

(Meanwhile at White View)

(On the walls to White View reception, are pictures of every student body from 1902 onwards, one photo the camera zooms in on is one in black and white and a smiling 11 year old Chelsea can be seen in Year 7 waving at the camera) 

(Below it are the captions)

(White View student body) 

(July 4th 1921) 

(Someone grabs the picture of Chelsea) 

Someone (to Walkie Talkie): Got it… 

Man on the other end of the Walkie Talkie:  No one saw it, or recognised her? 

Someone: No, the half soaked dipshits… and she hasn't remembered it… yet.

Man on the other end of the Walkie Talkie:  Okay get out of there, before you are seen… now those idiots have seen those dammed tapes, that not even we knew about, were going to be exposed soon.


Man on the other end of the Walkie Talkie: So the good old days are over, drastic action needs to be taken in the near future.    

AMCOLIN96:So what did you guys make of this ending? Should it have been Canon or not? Let me now in the comments below, and thanks for reading!


The End

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