July 4th 1921. The Good Old Days.Mature

Act 10 

(Later that night) 

Melody (on Monotone): Funerals tomorrow, for the dead bunch.

Priest: You're all coming… yes… yes… okay… that's sorted.

Suzanne: Horrific attack on the hospital here, to conclude, the police are taking action to ensure this never happens again, this is Suzanne Reid with an insider's view of the terrible events here in Mortdale.

(Report finishes)   

Mr Tedious: You look upset over something.

Suzanne: (Sighs) It started with just one report here, but now I've been permanently assigned to report from this area, as that much shit goes down here, I'm living in hell.

Mr Tedious: Well you're a Mortdaler now.

Suzanne: Don't rub it in.

Gordon: Are you okay Aaron? 

Aaron: Fucking fine… Gordon… well no fam, I'm fucking weak ain't I? Ryan would be ashamed.

Gordon: Oh Ryan don't be… 

Aaron: I don't know how you deal with all this shit.

Gordon (suddenly lying through his teeth): Yeah well fam I'm like mentally strong… 

(Jaya rolls her eyes at this) 

Thomas: You haven't said a lot this time, have you Jaya? 

Jaya: Neither have you, but I like the quiet, this town is so crazy you barely get two seconds of it… that's why I only talk when it is necessary.

Thomas: Well you know what to say.

Jaya: Thank you Thomas, I guess you really are the lone brains of this group.

(They smile warmly at each other) 


Charmaine: Well Ryan dies… sad but life goes on and more fucking funerals tomorrow, Chan make me a promise.

Chantelle: What? 

Charmaine: If I die no fucking funeral, straight to the after party.

Chantelle: Deal bab.

Charmaine: Do you know if that's Ryan’s bab anyhow?

Chantelle: No idea, only time can tell.


Daz: Uraz… 

Greg: George… 

(Imogen comes over and leans on Greg, together they sit in silence grieving)

Imogen: I don't know how, much more I can take of this.

Greg: Neither do I.

Imogen: But we'll keep fighting, Kyle's finally dead, that thought keeps me going, we may be able to change this town Greg!  

Greg: And now we face a bigger threat… hell that's what the tape’s taught me… still for George I'll fight on. Sure he did a horrible thing, but I didn't even get to say I forgave him in the end… maybe he knows now… rest in peace George, I guess you finally earned it.

Imogen: Yeah you too Lucy, I already miss you're endless relatives.


Danny: Well back to the streets.

Zsa Zsa: RUBBISH! You and Wilhelmina ain't suffering any more, as my step son and a family friend, we have more than enough room to take you in.

Jack: Jeez mum you running a hostel.

Zsa Zsa: Might as well be, I like all this company.

Wilhelmina: You're seriously going to take us in?

Zsa Zsa: Of course.


Danny: Yeah thanks me and bro… I guess I have a family again.

Florence: Ahh it's so sweet.

Jack: Florence you're an idiot, what you did on the roof, you could have got yourself killed.

Florence: But… 

Jack: This time it was for the greater good, it was selfless. I guess you do care little princess, now come here I need some comforting.

Florence: It's back on?

Jack: Hell yeah…Sarah's dead… and I guess I need you and you have proven yourself we both support each other.

(They embrace and kiss)

 Zsa Zsa (whispering to Danny and Wilhelmina): Yeah even I'll admit, this time tommorow they'll be on the rocks again.

Danny: Damn well… were better prepare ourselves, right Willie? 

Wilhelmina: Humph! 

Danny: Hey come on, I know you're still mad at me… but I feel bad too y’know? If I hadn't done all that, George would probably still be alive and Lucy… 

Wilhelmina: (sighs) Well were gonna have to learn to tolerate each other, so I guess… 

Danny: I'm sorry alright, I realise I'm a big headed cock at times but… 

Wilhelmina: It's alright, I accept you're apology, besides (pulls tape out of pocket) I'm as nosy as you, I couldn't resist we’ll watch this tomorrow after the funerals, alright?

 Danny: Alright then

(Both of them snigger at the tape labelled “Auntie Jeana”)


Sasha: Well shit how we all doin'?

Alan: Mad world, mad town, still I'll get by.

Sasha: Joey? 

Joey: I'm okay Sasha.

Sasha: Melody?   

Melody: I'll miss those guys, but still, their not truly gone, call me insane but maybe one day they'll come back and speak to me I know it… no one's really truly gone.

Joey: Melody I think you are insane, but you have a lot of balls.

Sasha: Heck we all do, we've lasted this long.

Alan: And let’s hope its stays that way me Sash-de-de's.

Sasha: WHAT YOU SAY!? 

Alan: Nothing… (Thinking) shit Richard's accent got to me.


Daz: Hey erm Greg, I found Lake chewing on this.

(Hands him a trophy) 

Greg: It's the trophy, I first won with George, when I first came here.

Imogen: Goes to show you are winners, were gonna win in the end, call it cliché but good always prevails over evil.

Greg: Yeah.

Helpless TA: And so everyone lives happily ever after, for a week and then another dosage of hell I'm dragged through.

Mrs Conrad: Oh be quiet, you okay honey?

Eric: Helen… why? You should have just let me die, that kid was a Chavologist, he would have been more important than me.

Mrs Conrad: Quit blabbering honey, you talk too much, but yes, I couldn't let you die… I won't allow it besides, Imogen's just lost her friend, she needs her dad. You're better with her than I am.

Eric: Look, I don't care what anyone says about you, when you love and protect someone… like me… you're my gal… you're brilliant and strong...

Mrs Conrad: Save it for the bedroom dear, not in public.

Eric: Oh okay.

(Greg twists the trophy in his hands, as midnight nears awaiting what is too come next, the next day Sunday 13th February begins with…)    

Chelsea: Miss.

Mrs Conrad: What!?

Chelsea: I think I just remembered something, but then I forgot.

Mrs Conrad: Well whatever it is,  it' s not important.

(What Chelsea remembers though, is her past… but then she forgot it.

(In a deserted White View “Midnight and the stars and you” is playing, as the camera zooms in on one photograph)

(On the walls to White View reception, are pictures of every student body from 1902 onwards, one photo the camera zooms in on is one in black and white and a smiling 11 year old Chelsea can be seen in Year 7 waving at the camera) 

(Below it are the captions)

(White View student body) 

(July 4th 1921) 

(Someone grabs the picture of Chelsea) 

Someone (to Walkie Talkie): Got it… 

Man on the other end of the Walkie Talkie:  No one saw it, or recognised her? 

Someone: No, the half soaked dipshits… and she hasn't remembered it… yet.

Man on the other end of the Walkie Talkie:  Okay get out of there, before you are seen… now those idiots have seen those dammed tapes, that not even we knew about, were going to be exposed soon.


Man on the other end of the Walkie Talkie: So the good old days are over, drastic action needs to be taken in the near future.    

The End

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