George's SecretMature

Act 8   

Danny (to George): YOU! 

George: Me!?

Greg (angrily): DAZ! 

Daz: Greg? 

Imogen: Wilhelmina?

Wilhelmina: Imogen.

Lucy: Danny, Wilhelmina, Daz?

Daz: Lucy?

Thomas: Guys? 

Wilhelmina: Thomas?

Charmaine: (To Wilhelmina): Oh you.

Wilhelmina: Oh the chavs.

Suzanne: And me.

Daz: Suzanne?

Mrs Conrad: I'm here.

Daz: Oh you.

Priest: And me.

Daz: Priest? 

Jack (To Danny): Brother.

Danny: What? You're not my brother, you're Jack.

Florence (louder than anyone): FLORENCE!

(Short pause) 

Imogen and Wilhelmina: What are you doing? 

Danny and Greg: I need to speak to him (Greg angrily points at Daz and Danny angrily points at George) 

George and Daz: What did I do? 

Danny: YOU! I can't even look at you, after watching your tape! 

(George goes pale) 

George: You... took my tape… that's why it wasn't with the rest! YOU INVADED MY PRIVACY!  

Danny: I needed to know God Dammit! I TOLD YOU TO TELL THEM! BUT NO, YOU DIDN'T NOW I HAVE TOO! 


(Charges at him and the fight begins) 

Zsa Zsa: STOP IT! Not in my house! 


(For attention, she dives into the brawl)

Jack: Florence you fame whore! 

Florence (from within the brawl): Thank you Jack, now record it!

Jack: Ugh.

(Sasha manages to separate them, using her brute strength) 

Melody: Impressive Sasha.

Chantelle: See there you go, Melody checking out Sasha's muscles.

Joey: Seriously yew need a boyfriend that treats yew right.

Chantelle: You offering? Well thanks now get here.

Joey: NO! 

Greg: YOU GUYS SHUT UP! What secret Danny!? 

Danny: Ever since Christmas, George let it slip to you, well me as you, that he did messed up stuff, to be where he is. Ever since then, I just knew whatever it was… it was a big deal, I nagged him to tell you, especially you Greg but he wouldn't do it. So when I discovered the tapes, I had to do it myself and now I know and so does Wilhelmina.

Wilhelmina: Yeah he… he killed his three younger brothers.


George: That...

Andrew: William, Oliver and Joseph died in a car crash, that's what mum and dad said and George couldn't save them, that's what you told us, right George? 

Richard: Right me- Georges?

George (head bowed): That… wasn't the case.

Imogen: Wait a minute.

Wilhelmina: Should I show the tape guys?

George: No… I'll… say it.

Danny: About time.

Greg: You never told me, you had three younger brothers George.

George: Greg listen, when I was younger I was a right little chav, desperate to fit in. So desperate I started doing favours and terrorising my brothers.

Andrew: Yeah, but you got over those days.

George: Only because well… I had a drug dealer and together he and I traded, I wanted drugs, hell I was way too young for the stuff, but it was a chavvy area. I succumbed like every other chav around, so I gave this drug dealer lots of money for the drugs, I wanted… 

Lucy: George… honey you said you had nothing to hide.

George: I know I'm sorry… but this is the bit you're not going to like. That drug dealer… he was working on something… a mission… he wanted the money to apply to the job… which would guarantee him power.


George: Frank Tibet needed the money… (At this point Florence faints everyone else listens on) 

George: And one day, I grew so desperate… and he needed that last bit of money so…I… took my three younger brothers outside for a “walk” and… oh God! William was 2… Oliver was 3 and Joseph was 5… they were so young! But… I needed the money, I acted good in front of mum and dad weeks before that and my younger brothers finally thought I'd stopped, so a short walk I could be trusted on.

(Gulps again)

George: I was dying for those drugs… and Frank suggested it so I… 

Imogen: Go on.

George (bursting out): I PUSHED THE THREE OF THEM INTO THE ROAD! A giant lorry came along and… well there were only scarps of them left. I later used their life insurance to pay for the drugs I needed and Frank Tibet got that extra burst of money he needed… with it all saved it up, he bribed his way into the position as head master of Black Crest.

Greg: You… 

George: Afterwards… I didn't take the drugs, I felt too ashamed. I finally realised the horror of what I did, I killed my brothers and used their life insurance money in exchange for drugs. In the end I threw the drugs away… and I began a new life… a complete anti-chav, I grew my hair and covered my face… but still Frank Tibet recognised me at Christmas...

Greg: Oh my God, he was right when he said he met an old friend, it was you!

George: Mum and Dad became mega overprotective after that, Andrew became cynical of the world, Richard went bonkers. Michael locked himself in his room and buried himself in his Xbox and I made a vow, to protect every newbie that came here to help and not destroy, but the newbies all died… like Michael did… my efforts were fruitless, but I deserved the pain for what I did.

Greg: So that's it then, you're the reason behind everything. Behind Frank Tibet coming to power, arranging the Penti-Present tournament, in which his mad pupils he raised, killed Bastian and countless others. Frank Tibet and his cronies hold over town, drove the school to be destroyed… it caused Shaz… Mr Redwood and Miss Noel, Helpless TA, Steve, and the Fawcett's to act the way they did!

Helpless TA: So if George got Frank into power, then basically…?

Greg: Everyone… from the classmates we lost back at the school, in the Black Crest attack… the victims of the Penti-present tournament, the deaths at the Christmas light show... hell it even lead to the chain of events that drove Shaz and the Fawcett's insane… what Frank Tibet did and even though his dead he left too many chavs around, so that the normal order of the town continues!

George: Greg I'm… 


(Silence) George: I know… I… 

Greg (coldly): Get. out.

(Frosty silence) 

George: Greg… 

Greg: GET OUT!  

(George flinches) 

George: Guys… come on… Richard… Andrew?

(Richard is silent, in shock and Andrew is glaring at George) 

Andrew: You… lied to us!  Don't speak to me ever- again!

(George turns to a sobbing Lucy) 

George: Luce I… 

Lucy: George… I thought I could trust you… I thought you were someone different. I was such an idiot, as always.

George: You're not, I… 

Lucy (shrilly): GET OUT! NEVER COME BACK! 

(A defeated George shuffles out of the house)  

(Long silence) 

Danny: (Smugly) Well… well… well... I told him so, honestly all those… 

(He stops because suddenly, someone slaps him hard against his face, causing a tooth to fall out of his mouth) 

Danny: Wilhelmina what the fuck?! That stung!  

Wilhelmina: Oh just shut up Danny!

Charmaine: OMG! You called him Danny.

Wilhelmina: Yeah I did.

Danny: What are you in a mood for Willie… jeez everyone was gonna find out anyway.


Danny: Beg your pardon?

Wilhelmina: You… you couldn't keep your big nose out of everyone else's business could you!? You don't want the truth at all, you were smiling all through that! You just like to watch everyone else crumble in front of you, to make yourself feel better, will tell me do you! LOOK WHAT YOU'VE CAUSED!

(Gestures at the room, in shock and Lucy traumatized) 

Danny: (Snarling): A good for nothing, homeless, slut, like yourself was in on it too… you watched he video, you wanted he truth to come out.

Wilhelmina: Yeah well this homeless slut didn't, enjoy it unlike the thing sitting in front of me, whose ego is so big, I can't even class him as human. Now, excuse me, I'm gonna go find George and sort this out.

(She leaves) Danny: Women.

Charmaine: Yeah I agree.

Imogen: But you're a women too Charmaine… 

Charmaine (ignoring her): Danny, you know, you and Jack are brothers?

Imogen (still being ignored): Then again, I really don't think you're a woman after all Charmaine… 

Danny:  (ignoring Imogen) Say what?

Jack: Dude… I never knew my dad, but after watching these tapes, turns out my mother got raped by your dad and well I came along.

Danny: Half -brother eh? Well what can I say, I bumped into about ten gals and guys who figured out the same thing. the way my dad slept around and cheated on my mum, I'm not surprised.

Jack: Well I am, you're my brother.

Danny: Yeah hi Bro.


Jack: Well? 

Danny: Well what? 

Jack: I was expecting a more heartfelt, shocked, reaction.

Danny: Dude, I barely know you what do you expect?

Chantelle: I expect incest, from these two sexy studs.

Joey: Okay for one, I don’t think they go that way… and two girl yew have problems… deep down problems.

Greg: Speaking of problems, Daniel… I watched your tape.

Daz: Shit!

Chantelle: YOU WERE FIT!

Daz: Erm thanks ex-girlfriend, whose somehow still alive.

Greg: Getting back to the point… Daniel you were normal… you survived for 5 years… you even had a southern accent!  

Daz: I doe like to discuss those days.

Greg: Daniel, I know you now, you didn't just become a chav, you were pressured into being one, because you were haunted by a secret group.

Daz: Greg… fucking hell be quiet! I'm a chav, end of… 

Greg: Daniel… I don't care, be yourself, I won't tell no one… just let it out, drop the English accent… unleash the inner southern soul, I know it's still there… 

Daz: But Greg…

Greg: Daniel please… let it out, you can do it! In front of me, I'll tell no one… I swear were in the shit together anyhow, you're Greg Winter's carer, you're street cred is already a record breaking low… 

Daz: I… 

Greg: I swear to lord our God, I won't tell anyone.

Daz (in southern accent): AW WELL THUANK GAWD FOR THAT! 

(Gasps all round)   


Daz (smiling): I guess so Greggie boy, now come here… I'm feeling generous toe-day.

(He and Daniel hug for the first time) 

Daz: See deep down I do have a heart.

Greg: Daniel… at last.

(They break apart) 

Mr Rayne: I'm gonna remember this for a long time.

Chantelle: How the fuck could you forget it! Jack and Danny brothers! George the goodie turned ultimate villain! Gordon is a Jamaican… Mrs Conrad caring for her husband and daughter and what the fuck just happened to Daz!?

Priest: We may never know.

Daz: (English accent back on): Okay Greg, I'm never doing that, ever fucking again. Alrite?Just, well y’know? I'm gonna look after you now, let's leave it at that and leave it between us.

Greg: Okay.

Sasha: Too bad you forgot about us.

(Daniel only then realise everyone was watching)

*Daz Facepalm*

Chantelle: Doe worry, we woe tell. If we feel like it.

Daz: (suddenly remembering): Oh shit yeah! I've gotta go to the hospital, Uraz is in there!

Greg: Oh come on Daniel, from what I just saw and heard, you can do better than her.

Daz: You doe understand Greg, you just fucking judged on appearance. I met Uraz online but it turned out she only had 6 months to live, because she had terminal cancer.

Joey and Greg (feeling guilty): Oh… crap.

Daz: She's gone in for an operation today for treatment, to help expand her lifespan I just wanted to make her happy, see I have a fucking heart… actually why did I just say that? 

Aaron: (Holding up a coughing Ryan) Yeah can we just fucking get to the hospital and save these talks for later, my mate's dying over here! 

Mrs Layton: Well come on then guys, to the hospital! Oh come on Lucy dear… 

Mr Tedious: What about the tapes?

Greg: You and Mr Rayne stay here and burn em… we know all we need to. Fucking George… he tricked us, the whole time.

Mr Rayne: You ordering a teacher around? 

Charmaine: Problem? 

Mr Rayne: You're all on the naughty list when we get back to school, but I'll do it.

Imogen: Greg… about George. Sure he did a terrible thing, but he saved you and instructed you… and he sounded really sorry.

Greg: I don't care about him anymore.

Imogen: You obviously do, all this fuss over him you… HOLY SHIT! 

(They have just stepped outside, to see the hospital in the centre of town, on fire and distant screaming and crashing) 

Greg (instantly): Kyle and his gang are there!

Sasha: No shit Sherlock!

Melody: Told you we should have avoided the hospital.

Chantelle: The fuck with that! 

Greg: Were going to finish this, this time I'm killing Kyle, once and for all.

Imogen: Were just going to run into a burning hospital and kill Kyle, just like that? 

Mrs Conrad: Honey, quite frankly I am pissed off and armed, no one stands a chance, damn his army.

Imogen: Seems legit.

Thomas: Let's finish this then. 

The End

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