Daz's PastMature

Act 5 

(Cuts back to Daz) 

Daz (to nerdy boy): Howdy, I'm Daniel and I'm new here.

Nerdy Boy: (alarmed by the accent) I'm Tommy, so how did you get into the town?

Daz: Taxi, I'm here for Uni...

Tommy: No, why aren't you dead?

Daz: Why would I be dead for? That's a horrid thing to say. 

Tommy: Have you not seen this town yet? Who resides within it!?

Daz: It's a little run down, so what?

Tommy: Erm Daniel right? 

Daz: Yeah what's wrong with...?

Tommy: Sssh! Their coming!

 Daz: Whose coming? 

Tommy: They are… (Ducks behind bin and drags Daz with him) 

Daz: Who are they? They look like trailer trash to me.

Tommy: There chavs Daniel.

Daz: What? In fact now that you mention it,  I saw a few of them thugs when I came here, they tried to attack me for some reason. I dunno, it freaked me out, still that what you call em? 

Tommy: Yup you better avoid them, they ain't keen on anyone… different.

Daz: How am I different?

Tommy: You're probably the first southern American to step foot in this town, since, well… since the town was built! 

Daz: Right, that's makes me feel cosy, Not.

Tommy: Why'd you move here anyhow? 

Daz: Well when I was 3, my daddy died and I watched my mother die in a tractor accident when I was 10, horrible stuff. On my mum's will, she wanted me to come here, here to Uni, this exact town.

Tommy: Why? 

Daz: I dunno why, she just said sum-thing would be waiting for me here. The will just read, "If I am to die early, Daniel must go to Mortdale and study at Mortdale University, it will best for him and there will be a surprise for him there, that will grant him and us everything behind our wildest dreams".

Tommy: You're in the wrong place, your mother was mad.

Daz: Was not, I'll find out what awaits me here!

Tommy: She wrote "Us" on that will, right?

Daz: Yeah.

Tommy: Speaking as if she would still be alive, it's garbage. Just lie low, and don't draw any attention to yourself, if you want to survive.

Daz: Fine then! But I will find the answer!

(The main cast watch in awe, as Tommy lectures Daz on the ways of Mortdale, the following weeks, sees Daz adjusting and surviving Mortdale just like Greg did. He gains friends but does not defy Mortdale's system like Greg did, he and his friends merely avoid the chavs and keep to themselves. One video entry by Mr Masterbate, occurs five years later just as Daz returned from a trip from Alabama) 

(Cut to a street corner)

Daz: No… (He is surrounded by Tommy's and all of his friends' dead bodies he is surrounded by a group of chavs, all with gleaming knives) 


Chav: Fun, ay it?


Chav: No, you woe mate, you're a weakling, besides they sent us to finish you off.

Daz: Who?

Chav: None of your fucking business.

Daz: Please no, you can't kill me… why now? I lived here for 5 years with no trouble, I just returned from holiday and now… now...

Chav: Because, they just discovered you were part of the Winters family and no one leaves Mortdale it's a serial offence. 

Daz: And...?

Chav: Fucking hell! I doe know, they just gave us some money and in return we kill Daz Winters and his mates.

Daz: It's Daniel.

Chav: Whatevez Daz.

Daz: Just spare me, please… and who are they? 

Chav: Paid not to tell ya, now… 

Daz: The fuck with this!

(He manages to escape the chav circle, by kicking the smallest one in the balls and ducking under their legs, he rolls out of the way and a knife narrowly misses his back, free of the circle he begins to run as fast as he can away from them…) 


(Scene cuts off, a new scene pops up) 

Drug Dealer: Ah come on Daz.

Daz (high): I don't want any more.

Drug Dealer: You know you do, ever since those chavs slaughtered your friends. You've had no one… chavs constantly haunting you… you've had to go around in disguise to avoid being caught… no friends to support you...


Drug Dealer: You cor Daz...

Daz: (weakly) Again it's Daniel.

Drug Dealer (ignoring him): ...look at ya, you're grades are falling, you're using your English accent so much now it's become natural. You dress like a chav, all the time in disguise, so why not just be one?

Daz: What? 

Drug Dealer: Look I had a bloke, called Steve, nice chap, he lost his mate just like you did… and when he came to me he was exactly the same all this morality bullshit… 

Daz: But… 

Drug Dealer: Lemme finish… but he gave in eventually, ay nothing bad about it. His a Taxi-Driver now and no one chases him round any more, he gets on with his life. 

Daz: But I don't wanna be a taxi-driver, or a good for nothing chav. I wanna succeed get a new house and a nice girlfriend… 

Drug Dealer: That ay gonna happen mate, so you will buy some fucking drugs off me already? I'm broke.

Daz: But, wait how do you know about all this about me? 

Drug Dealer: You were screaming it out, when you were shitfaced yesterday.

Daz: I was drunk? I don't remember.

Drug Dealer: Course you don't, that's the whole point, drowning out ya sorrows, ay ya?

Daz: Just… can't you help me? Can't anyone help me? It’s all I need… help… 

Drug Dealer: No they cor, only bit of advice here, is too become a chav and you'll be fine.

Daz: Damn you mum! You told me there was something waiting here for me! (To the sky) FUCK YOU! YOU LIED TO ME! AND THERE'S NOTHING LEFT… SO I… I…

(He pays for the drugs and stomps off, as does the drug dealer, who looks a lot like Ryan. Ryan Elrod's father, Randall, walks away from the scene, grinning, money jiggling in his pocket, although he does cough a few times before going out of sight, the clip ends there…) 

(Final montage shows a 22 year old Daz, going to the club with his mates… now a fully-fledged chav no longer being hunted by other chavs he has become what Greg mutters to himself “A Mortality to Mortdale”) 

Chav: So Daz ya ready to bang some birds?

Daz: Yeah, stab some queers on the way there?

Chav: Like every night hey!

(Tape ends) 

(Room is in silence) 

Sasha: I got one question to ask.

Melody: Fire away.


Melody: Paedophiles' always find time.

Sasha: But it's not logical… 

Melody: The spirits tell me, that a certain Wilhelmina Fawcett, used a phrase that would suit the whole situation right now, fuck logic.

Sasha: Okay then.

Greg: When Daniel came to visit in me in Alabama five years ago, all he said of England was that was fine and he had friends and that he had done well in University... and as soon as he went back he... he... that happened!

Imogen: I'm sorry Greg, it happens to the best of us.

Greg: He was just like me, sure when he visited five years ago, he still had the hair and white teeth and he was hench, he didn't speak too much, but his voice was deep, from what I remember. Although, hearing him speak southern around my age… is… is.... just weird.

Imogen: Greg, he was just like you. I know what you're getting at, but- you-are-not-going-in-the-same-way.

Greg: But… But… maybe...

Imogen: Greg quit babbling, you won't become a chav, I just know that.

Charmaine: Hmm… Chavvy Greg or chavvy Danny? Who would you prefer Chan? 

Chantelle: Greg.

Charmaine: I'd prefer Danny.

Melody: You seem to have an unhealthy obsession with that boy.

 Charmaine (angrily and blushing): NO I DON'T! 

Mrs Conrad: Oh sweet Jesus, here it comes, the pathetic teenage love and drama all over again.

Thomas: But Miss you had a teenage romance.

Mrs Conrad: A classy one and I had my child over the age of 20, I'll have you know.

Thomas: Okay, but I'm intrigued, those chavs in the video who were the people that paid them to kill him?

George: I was wondering that.

Greg: Dunno… probably just Frank Tibet and co.

Imogen: No Greg, this is serious they specially mentioned the Winters family and Daniel said he came here because of something his parents knew and what they left on their will.

Lucy: So you're saying there's probably a stash of gold underground, for the Winter's family? 

Imogen: Who knows? 

Priest: Well we've never had a Winters in this town before, or die here at least. 

Miss Wellington: I know my history! And before Daniel not a single Winter died or was born in this town!  

Mrs Layton: But they still could have visited.

Greg: So were left with the mystery, that for some reason Daz's parents wanted him to move to Mortdale, a town renowned for its killer inhabitants and bad weather and someone paid some chavs to kill Daz specially, after they found out he was a Winter, so Daz eventually just succumbed and became a chav himself and then Shaz comes along and I end up here, changing the way of Mortdale.

But I got one question, if I'm a Winter and I'm changing Mortdale so much, why haven't I been targeted?

Chelsea: You have Greg.

Helpless TA: Well done Chelsea, now what's 1 plus 1? 

Chelsea: 9.

(Helpless TA slumps in defeat)   

Joey: Could have been that Frank Tibet, who sent the order.

Greg: What if it wasn't? and Kyle wasn't exactly born then and Wilhelmina's parents or Mr. Masterbate seem like unlikely suspects. Whoever targeted Daz, did it because they found out he was a Winter, and he did nothing to draw attention to himself like I have, I mean the likes of Frank Tibet and the Fawcett's aimed for me because I did do things… Daz didn't… which makes it clear, these people whoever they are wanted Daz dead, because of the fact he was solely a Winter and it links back to will of his parents about something being here… but what? 

Joey: Well there's only one answer… 


(Everyone is in shock) 

Gordon: My heart is going fail me if this carries on.

Ryan: Like my fucking chest (coughs harder) 

Aaron: Jeez fam, pipen it down.

Ryan: Trying to… 

Greg: How can it be the Illuminati?  

Chantelle: It just can, alright they control everything.


Mrs Conrad: This is barbaric nonsense.

Priest: Melody darling calm down (she manages too) the Illuminati is a work of fiction, as are their beliefs.  

Lucy: But it would be easier to blame them, I mean they are rumoured to control everything and in this town they could have made everything happen, the way it was meant too, hence Daz being alive was unnatural, who brought along Greg and changed the way this town was supposed to run.

George: Impressive Lucy (she beams) but it can't be the Illuminati, but someone similar who have complete control of this town.

Suzanne: Who in this town has more power than Frank Tibet had? Who has more power and control than the rich Fawcett's had? Who the hell could be stronger than Steve was? More hidden in the shadows and sneaky than Danny Flynn? With Motives as Unpredictable as Jaya Bui? As evasive as ever not be caught on Mr. Masterbate's camera the only link to them was a payment too some chavs and a link to the Winter’s name? The question is who are these people? 

Greg: I wish I knew… 

The End

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