Burnt OutMature

Act 10  

(3 hours later) 

Suzanne: ...the roller-coaster is believed to have spiralled out of control, but luckily the coaster managed to stop once a man threw himself at the coaster to slow it down. One person did die after falling off, and a woman and a man have been arrested for believing to have disabled the ride beforehand and for plotting the murder of the youths on the coaster in a bizarre twist the man who plotted the murder was the same one to stop it… but other than that there was a lucky escape here at Felicity Crafts theme park… 

(The story goes down fairly well, hence Suzanne herself finds it very odd Helpless TA and Steve were behind everything and are evil, Sanjay is instructing Chelsea to breathe as for now, and a coach has arrived to pick the students up). 

(On coach) 

Lucy: What a day.

George: You're telling me.

Lucy: Hey George?

George: What?

Lucy: You know what I saw when I was about to die?

George: What?

Lucy: You.

George: Well I was right next to you… 

Lucy: Not on the coaster but… you in the flashbacks at the school last week. I- I liked listening to you a lot. 

George (hopes rising): You did-well-err-that's good- great- well nice...

Lucy: George I just wanna ask you ou… 

Dean: LUCY! Can I have a word? 

Lucy: Okay, err; I'll carry on this conversation soon, okay?

George: Oh yes real soon. 

(Turns away) 

George: Well Greg, Dean's bound to ask her out next but you know there I'll be, Greg?

(Greg looks misty eyed) 

George: Earth to Greg? 

Greg: What?

George: Never mind, oh look were back.

Imogen: In Mortdale after a scenario which was very Final destination 3 and back to my mother I'm thrilled. 

(It's Saturday parents and guardians are waiting) 

Daz: Greg! 

Greg: DAZ! LAKE! I'm glad to see y'all again. 

Mrs Conrad: Yes, very crafty how Helpless TA thought that up, but she has been punished in the worst way imaginable. 

Thomas: How? 

(Helpless Ta enters in a maid outfit) 

Mrs Conrad: Now what do we do? 

(Helpless TA sighs) 

Helpless TA: Breathe in Chelsea, breathe out… 

Chelsea: Kay, hang on I think of forgot.


Imogen: Wait she'll just try and kill us again.

Mrs Conrad: She will not, we'll have to be more wary of her, but there will be no more deaths, if I hear of one…

(Produces axe) 

Helpless TA: I get the point already, God I wish I had died like Shaz now; this is the worst the punishment possible.

Mrs Conrad: Oh it gets worse (produces chain) 

Helpless TA: You’re chaining me too… too that! (Points at Chelsea) 

Chelsea: Are you talking about me? 

Mrs Conrad: Yes we are Chelsea, now shut up if you're capable of doing that… now as for you (gesturing Helpless TA) don't want you running off do we? Plus you'll be by Chelsea's side all day and night from now on… 

Helpless TA: NOOOOOOOOOOO! (Collapses into an hysterical state as she is chained to Chelsea) 

Gordon: Damn that's cold.

Thomas: What happened to Steve anyway? 

Mrs Conrad: Darkest depths of Mortdale prison.

George: Well there you go, we'll be back in White View soon, we may have lost Lily and Caz but we gained Imogen, but I guess your sad about Mary-Sue right now Greg, eh? 

Greg: What? Oh i- i… 

Daz: Doe worry told ya Girlfriends were hard to choose, hey you just need to find the right one.

(Next day is Sunday, Funerals for Caz, Lily and Mary-Sue)

Lucy: ...and guess what? me and Dean are dating now! 

Imogen: That's great!  

Lucy: He says he loves me because of my personality not my looks! Oh this is great! 

Imogen: Well done Gurl.

(Greg joins them) 

Lucy: Hey Greg.

Greg: Hey, err Imogen can I have a word?

Imogen: Okay then.

(They leave) 

Priest: So we so goodbye to Mary-Sue who turned out to be insane, but will be missed due to her looks anyhow. 

George: How insensitive calling her insane at her funeral. 

Priest: Dude, I do like a 100 chav funerals a day this is a good as my vocabulary gets.

George: Fair play.

 Chantelle: Still it's so sad, someone so young gone to waste. 

Jaya: Does the word hypocrite ring a bell with you? 

Thomas: I see you're using that phrase again.

Jaya: You know what, I want to hear that phrase again from now on.

Thomas: What? Why!?

Jaya: I just missed it I guess. 

Thomas: Yes! 

Jack: and Florence we are still together!

Sarah: As are me and Rhys.

Aaron: Were still chavs.


Mrs Conrad: A skinny ass coward, oh HELL YEAH to that. *Note the Sarcasm* 

Priest: Lily who got raped is laid next to her friend Rose, and Caz's parents demanded she be buried in a private cemetery, so erm... you'll have to go there.

George: So Miss feel guilty about killing Caz when she was not the murderer? 

Mrs Conrad: George you know full well I was tricked, as well as that I'm sure Caz is now in a much better and none chavvy place.

Miss Lofty: Yeah, and soon we'll have more staff back along with White View and I can finally get back to my routine. 

Mr Masterbate: Well St. Amanda's had a nice closet but I still have child… I mean work in my one back in White View, so I'll need that back, (Thinking) I do hope I locked the closet tight enough, would not want the builders getting in and discovering my little “Secret” it took me ages to get together… 

Chantelle: Sir you’ve got a boner. 

Mr Masterbate: Oh, ermm this is embarrassing.

Thomas: At a funeral too how disrespectful! 


Thomas and Jaya: Does the Hypocrite ring a bell with you? 

Charmaine: Oh My God I hate you two. 


(She does) 

Jack: Told you all along Florence there was no demon, all logic.

Florence: Thou art know that, but my faith is the same.

Jack: What! Why? 

Florence: Ermm hello! Chelsea went to the beyond and back that girl proves the existence of an afterlife. 

Jack: Yeah an afterlife she was too dumb to get too… OI CHELESA! WHAT WAS IT LIKE WHEN YOU DIED?

Chelsea: Dunno… forgot oh God CAN'T BREATHE! 

Helpless Ta :(In a depressed tone) Breathe in… and out… 

George: And so life is returning to normal… for now.

(He pauses and spots a 3 small graves outside the church window, 3 small graves he knows very well startled he looks away and carries on in his normal demeanour…)  

(Meanwhile outside) 

Greg: I wanna apologise to you, for punching you ignoring you and what not. 

Imogen: Greg I accept that apology.

Greg: It's just Mary-Sue became my world and now she's gone, despite her being evil an all in the end. 

Imogen: Grief hurts, but people will help you though.

Greg: Yeah I suppose they will, thanks Imogen I'm gonna pay more attention to you in future or you'll probably end up like Helpless TA. 

Imogen: Thanks.

Greg: Shall we start again?

Imogen: Course (They shake hands) 

Imogen: So Greg what's bothering you? 

Greg: The revelation that the guy who drove me here was actually a bitter man hell-bent on death and destruction, no matter if he killed chav or non-chav he'd do it too escape this town. 

Imogen: People doing evil things nothing new… Greg what’s bothering you? 

Greg: Mary-Sue she wasn't part of Helpless TA's plan but she still turned out to be… 

Imogen: Not that… what else?

(Greg sighs) 

Greg: Fire.

Imogen: You're afraid of fire, that's it isn't it?

Greg: I think I have Pyro-phobia or what not.

Imogen: Arsonphobia you mean, I looked it up once.

Greg: Yeah that...It's just, after seeing my the burnt remains of my home and then the whole school in rubble with bits burning and then yesterday with the roller-coaster-…  fire is well my own demon. 

Imogen: Why does it scare you? 

Greg: Because a few weeks ago fire was never an issue. I used to spend nights with my pals over a camp-fire, not really caring If I got burnt or not. St. Louisville got so dry in summer, bush fires became almost daily. But it never bothered me at all. But a few weeks here and I actually think I have a mental disorder against it, and this life it's scaring me. 

Imogen: Well that is bad, but Greg people have died, you know why were here right? 

Greg: No, not any more.

Imogen: Greg people like you and me, are our own people and striving to be like that in today's society is the greatest achievement a person can manage. True love is hard to find, and what you had with Mary, was not true love. It was like the fire you were so scared of, you're relationship destroyed everything around you, and I watched the good in you burn and smoulder. You can't get Mary back, and you can't stop your fear of fire. 

Greg: Your point? 

Imogen: Get up; stop grieving, you have a life to live. 

Greg: Thanks I needed that.

Imogen: Are we friends now?

Greg: I guess we are.

Imogen: So what you plan on doing now? 

Greg: Well I'm beat, I'm going to home soon as this service is over and get some sleep and get my head round things. 

Imogen: Well me too. 



The End

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