Challenge: Read Mary Sue's Introduction, all of it!Mature

Act 2

(In school) 

Miss Lofty: You'll be glad to know despite the circumstances I am still your tutor and school is still going. 

Aaron: Yay! *Note the sarcasm*

John: God this class is fake and Gay.

Miss Lofty: Today we shall be… 

George: Waffling on about sheep.

Miss Lofty: … discussing my sheep Mr Lammy lots just became a father and Miss Woolly experienced…  

(The class resumes to its usual chaos)  

Dean: So Lucy want to hang out with me?

Elliot: Nah she's busy! 

Lucy: Thank you Elliot I can speak for myself you know.

Elliot: I- I… 

Lucy: I am not as naïve as you think I am… 

Dean and George (whispering): Break up, Break up, Break up. Break up, break up, break up...



Ryan: Shit oh fuck… 

Chantelle (to Charmaine):  In a weird way I miss having Ryan as a shag buddy, I wonder if it will last with Daz… OI! Charmaine you listening?

Charmaine: What?

Chantelle: My dilemma Ryan you know your shag buddy sometimes… but mine mainly.

Charmaine: Who the fuck you on about? 

Caroline: Don't you remember anyone you short minded girl? 

Charmaine: I know a lot of people actually, and I a very caring and loving person. 

Thomas: Does the word Hypocrite ring a… 


(She places her index finger across her neck, Thomas gulps the rest of the class is in shock but slowly recover). 

Thomas: Jaya scares the shit out of me sometimes. 

Asif: Asif you just swore Thomas… 

Thomas: I'm sorry I could not help myself.

Rhys: Yeah well apparently you may get scared some more, a few lower years told me this school is haunted. 

Thomas: Rhys you are aware these lower years are the same one's that spread the rumour Chantelle still had her V-Card showing how reliable those ridiculous rumours are… 

Rhys: I dunno… 

Thomas: Not believable all that stuff… ghosts… demons… Rubbish, I am a man of science.

Greg: (noticing two girls standing by the door) Hey George! look over there, someone's coming in. 

George: New students? don't be saft Greg they can't have found two replacements yet. 

Miss Lofty: (in a very loud voice that carries across the room): Oh so you two are new, yes, okay Mrs Conrad I'll introduce them to the class. 

(The whole class whips around at the site) 

Miss Lofty: Everyone say hello to these two new ladies and be nice.  

Charmaine: Yeah we'll be nice… Oh My God…

(One of the girl's is out of this world beautiful she has soft, bouncy sunshine coloured blonde hair that glows in the sunlight, her radiating beautifully washed and comfy soft hair which is waist long and flows perfectly down her curvy perfect figure, and then there are her eyes deep green lush of lined shades and sparkling she radiates a bright soul inside and her hypnotizing gaze and her beautiful eyes are another feature of her appearance, her nose was small and so soft and perfectly placed nose must have been designed by God’s chisel, and her mouth lovely soft full lips her pout added made her stunning gorgeous and her pearly white teeth that give the picture perfect smile, her smile is also perfect on any occasion because she is just such a stunner, her face remains drug free and gorgeous free of pimples and freckles she is so beautiful she looks more mature than her age of 16 her face is perfect, then her beautiful neck with a perfect circle of her collarbone near to her neck gave her the neck of a hot woman, and her neck is smooth, her tanned skin is a perfect shade of gold against her body making her even more of an angel, and her bust Is large but not oversized but bigger than the average nerdy girl to make her look sexy and sensual in the eyes of the boys and even the girls would turn lesbian for her, and then there is her faultless stomach stretched to perfection, so smooth soft and comforting to any stranger who wanted to lay on her perfect encrusted figure, her stomach was free of flab it always had been she had a very interesting back story that won't take very long to explain here her beauty though the ages she was born without the blood coated her, even by two weeks she did not have the normal baby blue eyes of her counterparts her eyes were deep green, so gorgeous that even passing strangers stopped and stared at the baby and sent gifts to her bedside because she was beautiful and I did I forget to mention that a star was seen above the hospital she was born under, a new Christ figure had appeared and she was such a stunner that even at that young age her parents knew she would be a superstar and a super-success. And then by age 2 she was voted most gorgeous girl in the class, and by age 5 passing paedophiles would notice her but because she was without about to immaculate to be touched they left her alone and there lustful shameful thoughts could not any effect on her, then by age 7 she already had a woman’s figure and a mature face that looked around 14, she looked twice her age no matter how she was when she was young, and she always looked right, now she was 16 she was flawlessly pretty, no pretty was not the word she looked pretty at her very worst today she was a stunner and she wasn't even at her best, oh no this was just her school attire you should have seen her in her dresses and party clothes then she was really was unearthly beautiful oh yes back to her physical appearance, her legs belonged to a supermodel they were finely tanned and waxed to perfection they were hairless and smooth and just the two clumps of her flesh and bone that needed to be looked at, to be admired for being so perfect and helping her perfect upper body move, her perfect upper body matched her lower body and that’s why her legs were so perfect, then we had her feet they were in perfect shape and all the nails growing on her body were manicured into gleaming perfection not a single speck of dirt or a trace of bacteria could be found residing under her nails they were sterile, she was sterile and sparkly clean, her golden skin sparkled in the sunlight like gold glitter, the girl did not seemed fazed to have so many people staring at her, the way this girl, stood, looked just captivated the boys and girls of the class she wore her uniform a million times better than everyone else so causal, but yet so formal, and yet so sexy and so aloof, so mysterious, the thin white fabric of her t-shirt that symbolises her innocence and purity, the short grey skirt, which only doesn't glow dully but brightly upon this new girl. Her red and white tie slowly flutters drawing attention towards her bosom, which nobody can ignore. The girl made a gesture she flung her hair back a single golden strand of her golden sand like hair was flung backwards and the rest of her hairs were swished in their strands, each strand of hair let off some kind of magic a spark of glittering fairy dust almost and one by one the members of the class were all hit and affected with her charm, the effect on everyone is instant the boys all fall in love with her instantly their mouths drool, their eyes go wide, they are clearly staring at her, some boys point, others remain silent, blushes turning their cheeks a beet red, other silent boys have the boners in the pants which push outwards on the fabric of their boxers bursting to be released into this perfect girl, and as for the girls they stare at her in awe they want to befriend her instantly she just looks so…cool she is the girl to be with even the cold heart of Charmaine has melted with the sight of movement at this girl and a few are even wet over her, Chantelle has leaked bucket loads already desperate to shove a dildo up that fanny as the perfect girl would bring her the perfect pleasure, and so it's settled in one simple, sensual movement the class have fallen in love with this girl because she is just such a stunner and she deserves to be loved because of that fact, and as she does the girl opens her mouth, her saliva is perfect silver colour so shiny and so sensual to think about as she opens her mouth we also few her pearly white teeth which are so bright they reflect sunlight as well as a mirror and she give her the best smile, especially in photos actually her smile is perfect all the time, she just doesn't know it, her teeth are also sterile and clean, her tongue laps around her mouth so full, fleshy pink, and full just begging to be licked or touched by a fellow tongue maybe one as beautiful as her tongue no that was not possible still the shared saliva of a tongue touching another seemed to satisfy her thoughts so she opened her mouth and said her name is a seductive perfect tone, a tone that everyone wanted in a girl, the tone that just broke a thousand hearts because the broken hearted person has just realised they are not with her and when she utters her name the whole class agrees in one in their thoughts that is the best name ever, so catchy so full of character that it simply has to be the best name ever destined for a child to have and they will enjoy uttering it the days, years, centuries they hope to come that name that oh so beautiful name and person with her golden tanned skin, beautiful curvy and perfect figure and now her beautiful and perfect name which was…) 

Girl: I'm Mary… Mary- Sue.

(The Girl behind her steps forward, she has black hair, freckles and is short). 

Girl: Hey Guys I'm Imogen 

(The class ignores her they are still transfixed on Mary Sue's appearance). 

Miss Lofty: Well go on girls take your seats.  

(Mary Sue sits alone on the front table; Imogen goes to befriend the others). 

Imogen: Hi so how are you guys…

(She stops because everyone has seemingly vanished into thin air, panicked she turns around to find everyone in the class surrounding Mary Sue's table). 

Greg: Hi I'm Greg (blushes) 

George: A pleasure to meet you I'm George by the way. 

Thomas: Hello my identity or should I say name is Thomas… 

Sanjay: Hello I am Sanjay and I am single… 

Asif: I'm Asif, Asif I'll forget you any time soon. 

Rhys: Hey I'm Rhys (wets nappy in excitement) 

Sarah: How you doing I'm Sarah and aren't you looking good girl. 

Lucy: Hey name's Lucy, so Mary my step mothers, sister's goldfish's owner's dad's grandfather's girlfriend was called Mary… 

Dean: Name's Dean, Hello beautiful.

Elliot: Name's Elliot. 

Aaron: Hey sexy name's Aaron and here's my number… 

Gordon: I LOVE YOU! MARRY ME! Err, yeah whatever name's Gordon… err… Innit Blad!

John: Now you ain't fake and gay I'm John.

Ryan: Name's Ryan can we shag now? 

Chantelle: Name's Chantelle you and me, bathroom now! 

Charmaine: Charmaine, hello sexy. 

Chaniqua: Alright Mary got a new BFF in you. 

Chelsea: Oh My God I'm remembered to introduce myself, I'm Chelsea, oh my God I can't believe I just did that. 

Helpless TA: Neither can I.

Jaya: Hello… Mary… My name is… Jaya… 

Caroline: Caroline, it is a pleasure Mary.

Lily: I got raped, oh yeah name's.

Jack: Greetings, I'm Jack the lad... 


(She faints) 

Mary- Sue: Wow it's so nice to have so many new friends. 

(Class laughter) 

Sarah: You're so funny.

Caroline: And witty.

 Ryan: Time for a shag.

Jack: And an interview on Newbies.

Lily: And a spot in White View Mag.

(Break bell) 

Class: Come on Mary- Sue! 

Mary Sue: Thanks Guys.

Greg: And don't worry darlin' I'll protect you from any chav attacks.  

Mary- Sue: Thanks Greg (Greg blushes the romantic relationship between the two deepens even though they have only known each other for a few minutes).

(They leave, as does Miss Lofty poor Imogen has been left to devices of the 'who enter the open door through the scent of a new none chav).  

Imogen :(To Greg and Co) Hey guys what about me… I'm new, I want to have a spot from newbies… err why are people surrounding me? 

(The chavs produce knives) 

Imogen: Houston we have a problem.



(She is chased by Chav's as she sprints out of the classroom)  

The End

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