A Rewarding EndingMature

Act 10    

(There is weak sunlight somehow shining on Mortdale on the Wednesday the 14th of November) 

Greg: (thinking) Day 3, God it feels so much longer. 

(Daz arrives at the hospital) 

Daz: So Greg...

Greg: Oh, it's Greg now?

Daz: Well, I know you weren't too fond of Graz... so...

Greg: Doesn't matter, thanks.

Daz: Anyhow... here's your bag and books, I'll escort you to school today.

Greg: Great.

Daz: Personally I want you to get to know my new girlfriend Baz. 

(Baz an overweight woman who on sight, is a lot bubblier than Shaz) 

Baz: Alrite Graz! I'm Baz I love me food and me… 

Greg (whispering): She's not another Shaz right?

Daz: Nah, I got better chick this time.

(At school) 

(In Assembly Mr Redwood and Miss Noel are handing out trophies when Greg walks in the school turns to greet him he sits next to George) 

George: How did you get to school without me…? 

Greg: Well with a little help from Cousin Daz and Lake we cleared the Chav's away, that Pitbull is starting to grow on me. 

Mr Redwood: Now- I- would-like-to-present-the-first-trophy-to- Mohammed- Ahmed- Dev. - Francesco- Sanjeet-and Thomas-for-the-use-of-logic-in-dire-circumstances. 


Miss Noel: The second trophy is awarded to Jack and Florence, for their great acting skills despite being overdramatic their hearts lay in right place. 


Florence: I just want a to give a little speech 

Auidence: GET OFF!  

(They do) 

Miss Noel: A third Trophy is awarded to Chelsea and Miss Conrad, Chelsea you’re not knowing off death saved Greg, and Mrs Conrad you're err... bravery of killing the killer, saved the day here you are.


Chelesa: YAY! I won something!

Aaron: This ay fucking fair.

Chantelle: I know right, Why have they got trophies and we ay?

Carol: Were you on pink bus, singing for change?

Chantelle: No were you though?

Carol: No and I don't care, I like to be unique...

Chantelle: Keep telling yourself that...

Miss Noel: A fourth trophy goes to Lucy, Elliot, Dean, Sarah, Rhys, Rose, Lily and Jaya, Lucy for being so faithful and talkative in the team, Sarah for promoting natural hair colour, Rhys for not wetting himself, Jaya for being epic, Rose and Lily for helping to spread the word… and Dean and Elliot for being the sheep that followed suite.


Dean and Elliot: WHAT!?

Gordon: Deal with it bruvs.

Mr Redwood: I –want- to- present- a -final –trophy- to- Greg –and- George, though- their- knowledge -of –Chavology- and- bravery- they- ultimately- saved- the- day- Mr- Admin- well-done- for- helping- Greg. 


Mr Redwood: And- Greg- I-really- feel- that- now- you- are- a- part- of -this school- well -done.  

(Huge applause) 

Greg (thinking): I know this will never last… 

George: Greg what is with that look? Lighten up! 

Greg: (thinking): But I am going to enjoy it while I can. 

(He beams and experiences the joy of the moment) 


The End

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