Act 9

Lucy: …and then my step dad's brother went to hospital and… 

Asif: Asif that happened.

Ahmed: Look.

Mohammed: What the bloody hell?

Francesco: I think he is…

Jack: What? 

Francesco: I think Greg's stirring.

Sarah: At last.

(Greg hears us this and opens his eyes, he is in a hospital bed with George, Thomas, Sanjeet, Francesco, Dev, Mohammed, Ahmed, Sanjay, Lucy, Florence, Jack, Rhys, Sarah, Dean, Elliot Asif and Jaya surrounding him) 

Rhys: You're awake, about time.

Florence: I'd thought you had perished. Still seeing as you are awake... ( she tweets this news)

Greg: What happened? 

George: Well the float managed to pass though the town safely, we got you in the ambulance just in time, and 4 hours have passed and all anyone in town is talking about is the scene you caused today, that was just epic. Rose and Lily are not here right now, I think there selling the story of this already… still I guess people will love to hear our story… 

Greg: So Shaz is she…?

George: Gone… yeah. And here's the best bits, the town are hailing us as heroes for uncovering the criminal! Well an offender against Chav's mainly, so we've been excused from our “Crime” of going through town in a pink car trying to bring happiness and delight. But still we’ll be hailed as heroes for a bit, I reckon and we might even get trophies at school! 


Mohammed: I know, we finally get what we deserve for being good people through all these years.

Lucy: This will be great you guys!

Dean: Yeah.

Elliot: I agree.

(Nurse comes along) 

Nurse: Alright you lot,move there are guests that want to see this patient in private. 

Jack: Alright were going...  

George: See you at school tomorrow Greg! If you have recovered.

(They leave as Daz comes in) 

Greg: And what do you want?!

Daz: Well err... I want to say I'm sorry for… 

Greg: STABBING ME! For crying out loud you're the reason I'm here, why did they let you ... hang on a minute did you just say you were sorry? 

Daz: Err… yeah, Greg I want to apologise for st-stabbing you and show… show… remorse.

(Greg is shocked)

Daz: I know you may be a nerd and an embarrassment, but you did something that made me proud today, and I promise I won't stab ya again if ya come back and live with me… I'll tame Lake, I'll lay of the parties I'll try and… 

Greg: Well if you say so, either way you're still scum. 

(Daz frowns) 

Greg: But one who rises above the rest, I think there is hope for humanity if more people like you start to feel remorse. 

Daz: You'll think about moving back!?

Greg: Course I will.


He leaves the room cheering) 

(Police officer 1 and 2 enter) 

Greg: Hey Guys, what are you doing here?

Police Officer 1: Hey Greg, we wanted to check if you're alright.

Greg: Well... do I look alright?

Police Officer 2: We wanted to arrest you scumbag cousin, but the human right laws came in and well we couldn't. 

Greg: Don't worry I think his learnt his lesson.  

Police Officer 2: Are you sure? You could move back to Alabama if you want to, it may take a while to get there, and find you a place but… 

Greg: Nah, people need me here, and although I might regret my decision in a week's time I can still move when I'm old enough.

Police Officer 1: We'll still come back to check on you.

Greg: Thanks I'd like that.

Police Officer 2: Your parents would be very proud of you today Greg, well I hope we meet again. 

(They leave) 

Nurse: Well by this time tomorrow you should be ready to walk home or to school with a crutch because of the stab wounds near your torso, but still you can do it right?

Greg: Yeah… 

The End

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