The Usual SuspectsMature

Act 6

(Greg meets George at a street corner) 

George: You ready…  

Greg: No time George, I need to talk to you… 

(He voices his suspicions as they skip though the treetops) 

George: Greg this is deadly serious, not only is it morally wrong, but even in a town like Mortdale people will see it as a crime.

Greg: How? 

George: Because you Greg are not a chav, and a chav can see it as someone trying to import a non-chav into Mortdale, it's like someone is trying to take down the chav's by overfilling the town with decent people.

Greg: That’s good right? 

George: No it's not good because whoever is responsible for this is doing it wrongly; murdering people just to get company. 

Greg: Company? 

George: Greg this murderer could be either be a madman in Alabama, who is far away and we don't have to worry about. Or more likely it's a person like me, desperate for company, and would go so far to murder a family just to get one boy deported. 

Greg: Well it's a long shot.

George: Greg no it's not, you're probably the first southern American native to set foot here in well... since the town was built! There is defiantly something fishy going on. 

Greg: Wait how do you know you're not the murderer! 

George: Don't even start on that path Greg.

Greg: Whoever denied it supplied it, and besides you seem desperate for company! Ha that's it you're the murderer! You went to Alabama and burnt down my house! 

George: Okay one, I have never been aboard and don't have a passport, and two out of all places why would I go to Alabama just to burn down a house and gain a random friend, you can ask anyone I was here when you house burned down, in fact when did your house burn down?

Greg: November 1st.

George: I was defiantly here November 1st, ask anyone. 

Rose: I can help you figure this out. 

(George and Greg jump they realise there in front of the school and Lily and Rose have approached them) 

George: Ahh! Rose what the hell!?

Rose: Couldn't help but overhear...

George: I bet you couldn't.

Rose: But when I heard this bit of gossip, I couldn't help but bitch to Lily about it, but now I must assist you. 

Greg: Why?

Rose: Because I just want to see someone get framed and then I can bitch about them.

Greg: You want us to figure out this crime?

Lily: Like me getting raped.

Greg: We are aware of that Lily.

Lily: But I did get raped though… just thought you should know.

Greg: We know already! 

Rose: Yes, and I already narrowed it down to 8 suspects, who were on holiday on November 1st. (She pulls out a file) 

George: You produced this in the time you heard me talking until now, which is a few seconds. 

Rose: I get around fast.

Greg: I'm impressed.

George (looking at file): According to this, either Mr Masterbate, Miss Ougar, Lucy, Sanjeet, Asif, Thomas, Carol or Sarah committed this crime.  

Rose: Hope that helped… frame someone for us. 

(She and Lily walk off) 

Greg: I still say Daz is the main suspect, he said he needed me for money, he probably lied about not going on holiday; he knows where my house was in Alabama when he visited five years ago. 

George: He could have told his girlfriend what was her name?

Greg: Shaz. 

George: That's right he could have led her there too. 

Greg: True, so that gives us ten suspects. 

(Later in Science) 

Mr Masterbate: Today we will be… 

Greg (to George): So Daz and Shaz either want me dead, or to do the family proud, or for money, that would explain why they would do it, Daz is the most likely he knows where the house is, and probably showed Shaz too, the two of them could have done this. But the downside to this is the fact Daz and Shaz would treat me like I'm an embarrassing burden if they knew what I was really like. 

George: Well that's true the nerds, Sarah, Sanjeet, Asif or Thomas, could know about Daz and Shaz's relatives and would do anything to construct a deadly plan to get a fellow nerd to join their ranks. They were probably desperate for company, Carol probably wanted to a new expectation so people would forget about her being different and focus on the newbie, the teachers could have been looking for a model student and found you Greg, or Lucy… well she could have wanted a decent boyfriend. 

Greg: I… 

Jack: HEY GREG! 

(He pushes Mr Masterbate aside) 

Mr Masterbate: Jack sit down that is not…. 

(Florence steps over him and joins Jack) 

Florence: I and Jack heard all about your suspicions via Rose, she told everyone… 

Greg: Great.

Jack: Greg drop the dirty look, so we went on YouTube and found solid evidence! 

Greg: Solid evidence of what?

Florence: The fact that somebody here constructed this murder, George remember that video we watched in assembly last month? 

Greg: The one about that boring town in America. 

Jack: Yes, that one lecturing us on Community spirit and it had all those people on it. 


Greg: Err… St Louisville.


Mr Masterbate: What on earth you shouting for? 

George (ignoring him): Jack show us the video! 

(Jack gets his phone out) 

Mr Masterbate: No phones in class! 


(Everyone surrounds Jack and the video comes on)  

(Cuts to St Louisville) 

Greg: Oh My God! I remember this, we were doing a promotional video of our town and Oh sweet heavens above, I had a starring role in it too! 

George: What as? 

Greg: The perfect role model child, I… I 


Chantelle: I ay watching this, it was bad enough in assembly last time.

(The chavs move away but everyone else remains) 

Mayor of St. Louisville: Well now cut too a Mr Greg Winters, oh Greg how are you. 

Greg: Fine, welcome to St. Louisville people, I am Greg Winters and I… 

(He reveals everything about himself, where he lives, where he works in a garage, how he goes to soccer practice every Sunday and how the community spirit helps him and his family)  

Greg: Oh my family, (begins to get emotional) 

Carol: Yes how very tragic, can someone please explain to me what is happening?  

Greg: A month before I moved here, I recorded a tourism video for my town, and I starred in it, I didn't know it would actually get shown places aboard, and now with that out there… 

George: That explains it all, the 8 suspects in school could have watched it in assembly saw you and did what they did to bring you here, they knew where you lived, and what you did, your hobbies...

Greg: I told them I went to soccer practice on Sundays, and that's when the attacker struck and killed my family… 

George: They spared you, so you could move here, the nerds and teachers desperately wanted a friend and Daz and Shaz could have used you for the money, in fact it's not a coincidence that the tape was shown in our school, Mr Redwood said it was displayed nowhere else but here and... wait a minute Greg how did you get selected to come to White-View?

Greg: Err, the Pitbull Lake dragged a dead boy into my house and it turned out to be a White View student. 

George: What was his name! 

Greg: Err… John Smith.

(Greg gasps so loudly that Chelsea jumps) 

Chelsea: I know it's a shock I've learnt to blink but you'll get used to it. 

George (ignoring her): JOHN SMITH! He was in this school since year 7, just like me a professional Chavologist knew how to survive, I didn't even realise he was missing until now!

Greg: Like you also failed to realise that the guy talking in your assembly video, for nearly an hour, was the new kid to move here.

Chantelle: None of us were paying attention anyhow.

Aaron Yeah that video was as boring as fuck.

Greg: Hey that's my...!

Lucy: Let's get back to the point, carry on George.

Dean and Elliot: Yeah, carry on George.

George: Anyhow, as for John Smith, he was really quiet, never spoke in lessons at all, but he wasn't a chav and everyone knew about his Chavology skills, why didn't you tell me the name of the boy earlier Greg! 

Greg: I was a bit too preoccupied with surviving the first day! 

George: Never mind, John Smith could have never let a Pit-bull kill him and drag him too you, he was too experienced in survival no this is too fishy. 

Chantelle: Like my fanny.

George (ignoring her): Greg either one of the nerds somehow directed that Pit-bull. or the teachers, or Daz or Shaz they own it of course. 

Greg: There is only one solution. 

The End

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