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In Alabama, USA, Greg Winters is a normal 15 year old, until his house burns down killing his parents.
Now an orphan Greg is sent to live with his cousin in England, at first he expects it to be a snobby sort of place. However in the crime infested town of "Mortdale" his in for a big surprise.

Act 1

(Enter Police Station, in Alabama, USA, the date is the 1st November it is night time, earlier in the day there was a tragedy, Police Officers 1 and 2 have to break the news to one unlucky boy)

(Enter Police Officers 1 and 2)

Police Officer 1 (to police officer 2): Tragic news we have to break today. 

Police Officer 2: It’s horrid, the poor Winters family all cooked like cows. 

Police Officer 1: It’s a rootin shame we never found the no nerve, son- of- a- bitch, who set the house on fire.  

Police Officer 2: I know y'all. 

(They wait in silence) 

Police Officer 2: So who survived again? 

Police Officer 1: There boy Greg, you know nice lad, works at the garage on Sundays. He weren't at the house he was at soccer practice. 

Police Officer 2: No... you ain't talkin' about blonde haired Greg, the one that always nice and polite to folk when they go down the garage. 

Police Officer 1: That would be the one. 

Police Officer 2: OH THIS IS AWFUL Y’ALL! I spoke to him last Sunday, oh if I knew… 

Police Officer 1: I know, the community is going to be shattered when that boy has to leave. 

Police Officer 2: Leave? 

Police Officer 1: I just got news that with no living relatives in this area, he’ll have to live with his older cousin in England. 

Police Officer 2: Can't a friend take him in? 

Police Officer 1: I don't think they could, and even if they wanted to his got to go the paperwork been sorted and all. 

Police Officer 2: I’ll be dreadin' this; I hope I can prepare myself… 

Police Officer 1: Too late look yonder… 

(Gregory Samuel Winters enters the police station, he is a fairly average boy in height and weight, he is 15 years of age, he wears overalls with a messy blonde mop that is his hair, and he has muddy brown eyes, he seems at ease but a bit suspicious of why he has just been driven to the police station) 

Police Officer 1: Follow me… 

(They enter an interrogation room) 

Greg: Why am I here? I didn't do nuthin' did I officer? 

(Police Officer 2 bursts into tears and leaves the room, while Police officer 1 breaks the terrible news, Police officer 2 returns as Greg is still sobbing)

Police Officer 1 (for the millionth time): I'm sorry Gregory. 

Greg: (Sobbing): I can’t believe- this- is –happen... in, did you catch the guy who… (Police officer 1 shakes his head)

Greg: So now what happens to me? 

Police Officer 1: I'm afraid you’re set to live with your cousin in England. 

Greg: Cousin Daniel? 

Police Officer 2: I reckon that would be the one. 

Greg: But I ain't seen Cousin Daniel in five years 

Police Officer 1: I'm sorry Greg but in the absence of anyone else… 

Greg: (bursting out) I COULD LIVE WITH A FRIEND! 

Police Officer 1: I'm sorry Greg but the paperwork has been done. 

Greg: I could get my own house or rent somewhere… just anything… please…

Police Officer 1: The paperwork has been done Greg and even if you did that, you could still be in danger from this loose murderer who was clearly aiming for your family, and could be back to get you. 

Greg: So basically you dragged me down here, to tell me my family is dead, there’s a possible murderer after me, and that I have to start a new life, in a place I've never been too before. 

Police Officer 2: When you put it like that…   (Greg Glares at them) 

Police Officer 2: Okay so the news is that bad, it's not easy to break this too you either you know.

Greg: But I can't leave I'm not ready, I have friends, hobbies, a town I knew the way around, a family… 

Police Officer 1: Greg try and see it as a new start in life.  

Greg: But I- BELONG-HERE! not in some stuffy mansion in England, playing polo or what the name of god they call it… 

Police Officer 2: DON'T USE HIS NAME IN VAIN!  

Greg: Whatever, anyhow does Cousin Daniel Know? 

Police Officer 1: Yes he's willing to welcome you with open arms. 

Greg: Great. 

Police Officer 2: Greg can you please drop the Sarcasm? 

Greg: Sorry y'all, it's just so much to take in. 

Police Officer 2: Well if it makes the situation any better, we did manage to get something personal out of your flamin' house. 

Greg: That is? (Police Officer 2 hands him an old red cap there is a yellow star on it… and underneath the star is stitched in capital letters the word WINTERS) 

Greg: My daddy's cap, this is been in the family for generations, passed on from father to son… 

Police Officer 1: I guess with no other alternative… this belongs to you… how long has it been in your family again? 

Greg: As far back as anyone can remember. 

Police Officer: Bit odd of someone to own a cap like that in the days of our founding fathers, and for it to be in such good shape for all these generations, but still it’s your cap it's survived this long, and right now it's rightfully yours. 

Greg: Yeah I know (puts cap on) I'll treasure this through all the bad times to come.    

Police Officer 2: I know, but it can't get any worse, it's uphill from here on out… 

The End

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