It's Been A Mortality Tale, Folks!Mature

The Ending Act

(Lies back onto the floor and looks into the sky) 

Greg (to himself): 5 months back… I set foot in England, now I'm barely alive, after just escaping the clutches of one of the most evil men the world has ever seen, and learned why millions had to die pointlessly, in the nuclear destruction of England, Wales, Scotalnd… maybe Ireland… I dunno, but the most of the United Kingdom. I guess there is one way to end this.

(Pulls out camera from his pocket and begins to record himself) 

Greg: This is Greg Samuel Winters and I have just escaped the D bunker, anyone watching this, will know what the Puppet Master recorded and know why, the UK was destroyed and why some many lives were lost pointlessly. But thanks to my cousin Daniel Winters, it's all over. My cap is gone, the rock is gone, the Puppet Master himself is gone, but… there is still so much destruction.

(Pans camera around the destroyed landscape around him) 

Greg: (still recording himself): I guess you can say, this has been… 

(Thinks for a second and then, the phrase hits him) 

Greg: It's been A Mortality Tale.

The End

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