An Ending AscentMature

Act 10

Scene 4

(The two proceed to leave the burning house behind them, as the rock of immortality is finally burnt out of existence. Greg turns off the camera and pockets it, along with his other supplies before they leave the burning house and puppets, but as they walk away from the house supporting each other, on each other's shoulders; Greg hears a bang from above) 

Greg: What was that? 

Dan: My doing… I placed some explosives by the door of the bunker. A timed one, turns out explosives outside the bunker have no effect, however an explosion from the inside should blow the doors of their hinges. As the bunker is designed to protect from outside attacks, not inside attacks… so basically the Aeternis would be able to get in and kill that sonuva bitch, if we failed too. Now the greedy buggers will be swarmin' down here looking for the rock, but with the fire burning it will be gone… add that to the fact this bunker is right beneath the coast, the seawater will flood this place, before they can escape.

Greg: That’s really clever Dan, that will get rid of those thugs once and for all, they can join their so called master, in hell… but, where'd you get an explosive deceive from?

Dan: Erm… well doe get mad and I know I should have used them earlier, but they were stuff those two police officers left behind for you. They said they were gonna give ya Christmas presents, but they never did and I was too ashamed to give em ya. But I decided to bring em along anyhow, just before I left the destroyed Mortdale. Because I figured you would wanna see em, not much in here anyhow, and other than the explosive, nothing useful. But stuff personal to you, you know?

Greg: Yeah… thanks Dan, now let's get outta here before they come down and this place floods out.

(They proceed to walk on faster, their nearly out of the mine, when suddenly Dan falls to the floor clutching his stomach) 

Greg: Dan… shit… come on!

Dan: Alrite… I… (Gets up but falls once again, in great pain he clutches his stomach) 

Greg (voice breaking): C'mon Dan… (Tries to push him up but fails) the exit's right there… just a few more steps… I'll help you, I'll…

Dan (wheezing): Greg... I promised Suzanne I'd look after you. For as long as I lived, but I ran out of ya in rage, but now… now I've come back to you. I knew the second I got shot it was fatal, but… 

Greg: No… no… no… no… no… no…!


(Greg shuts up)

Daz: It’s fatal I'm done for. I guided ya as long as I could… but I… I really can't go on. I'm bleeding out. I'm finished.

Greg: But you promised we'd escape, we'd spread the word… we'd… 

Dan: If I could I would, but I swear, I can't… (sobs) I tried… but I wasn't a very good person was I? Or a good father figure to you.

Greg: Dan… you're the reason I'm still alive right now… you got yourself injured like that… dumbass (they both laugh weakly) to save my useless ass, and I just destroyed the rock that could have saved you.

Dan: Nah… you heard him day ya, that rock gives you immortality not the ability to suddenly patch up fatal wounds and I don't have short term memory, unlike Chelsea, so no good there… 

Greg:  It's just… Joey, Charlie, Eric, Mrs Conrad, Imogen everyone gone and dead. and now you?

Dan: I doe have much time Greg, so listen up.

Greg: Sure thing… Dad… 

(Dan smiles warmly at this gesture) 

Dan: First, in the bag there are two things for ya… 

(Greg pulls out the first and reads, on a letter) 

Greg: To Greg, hoping to adopt you, as this well bring back memories of sweet home Alabama. This also comes with an explosive device if ever you need it, because Mortdale's a crazy rootin' tootin' place alright! From your friend and hopeful father Terry!

(Greg knows about the explosive, but also sees Terry sent him a…) 

Greg: Family photo (he strokes it, the picture was taken five years ago and in it are Greg himself, Daniel when he visited Alabama, Greg's dad Chuck and his mother Lulu, along with Daz's elderly former career, Aunt Urlsa Marie, Greg's Granddad, who lived with his parents and him and finally, Joey and Jason. Beaming cheerily the background. Teary eyed, Greg pockets it) 

Dan: Oh and this wasn't with them, but I thought you should know.

(Lifts up what he had been hiding for years, his university degrees) 

Greg: You passed with flying colours in business…. Full marks all across the board, oh why did you became a chav Dan? 

Dan: Cause of the Puppet Master, fucking killing my friends and the pressure of society that's how but know I know the truth and when I killed him, that was my vengeance for those wasted years.

Greg: Right… (Lifts out final present and reads out the letter) 

Greg: Dear Greg, hope all is well, I know you're old cap means a lot to you, but are you gonna wear it all the time? Seriously that thing never rots, it's kinda odd, still for something a bit more home like and well… more badass looking (Terry agreed with me on this) you may want to wear this on the occasional day, to remind you of Alabama, you know one day you might even wear it. As your future job. Love from your hopeful new mother Kerry.

(Greg lifts it out. It is a western styled brown coloured cowboy hat, with the word sheriff written in a golden star on the centre of the hat) 

Greg (putting it on): I like it.

Dan: I knew you would… (coughs blood and shivers) now about ya old cap… give it here.

Greg: But… I know this maybe a death wish Dan, but I...

Dan: I heard from the outside, our ancestor was originally supposed to die here with this cap. Only makes sense it happens now hey, we want every last trace of the cap and the rocks effects to be gone right? So Gimme the cap, let me die with it, when the floodwaters get rid of this place, it will be lone gone.

Greg: But… 

Dan: This cap will remind you of everything Greg, I don't want that… that hat you're wearing gives you a future.

Greg: Dan… but what if I can't escape this bunker in time?  

Dan: But Greg ya gotta fight, right? At least try to survive… I want that for you… this cap dies here, so us Winters can finally be free of that death trap, plus if any Aeternis survive they may come looking for it and if they find it on you… 

Greg (smiling ruefully): I… I guess you're right Dan, for me to go on, this cap needs to go.

Dan: Yep, now give it here.

Greg (handing the red cap to him): Remember Dan… welcome death like it's an old friend.

Dan: Yeah… I see now why God has us die, if we don't, we end up like the Aeternis or the Puppet Master, the worst kind of human there can ever be… so yeah death come and get me. I'm ready.

Greg: Man, I've only got a picture of you to remember you.

 Dan: Doe stress out about it… it's like a token… like my lost arm.

Greg: Even without the arm, still makes you look badass.

Dan: Like you… Scarface. With that scar on your cheek and your badass hat.

Greg: Yeah… how’d you lose your arm anyhow?  

Dan: Minion 1, fucker was fast, but I was better.

Greg: (sighs) You know I'm gonna miss your lousy ass.

Dan: (coughing and laughing): Sure… now just remember my advice on things, Greg… fight… I'm soz about Imogen… and I'm sorry I couldn't protect you from Mortdale.

Greg: Dan, yeah you were lousy at the start, but as the weeks went on you got so much better. You're the best kinda daddy I could have asked for in that hellhole.

Dan (smiling): I knew you'd say something like that… and…a few pointers, promise me… promise me… 

Greg: Yeah.

Dan: … You won't die a virgin.

Greg: (with a sad smile) sure.

Dan: And one more thing.

Greg: Yes? 

Dan: Live… live… (His Eyes find Greg's, for the last time) Live well.

(And with this, Daniel Winter slumps, bled out white and dead) 

Greg: Rest peacefully Dan, you earned it…

(Closes his eyes and breaks down crying, before he realises Dan's last wish and gets up slowly) 

Greg: Farewell Dad, thanks for everything.

(And with this, he departs, he leaves the mine and grabs a dozen supplies packing them into his and Dan's bag, which he brought along, as he does this the Aeternis members rush into the mine. As Greg is hidden each wanting to get their hands on the rock, as he does Greg retreats as fast as he can up the stairs of the bunker, when there is a boom as the fire in the mines has weakened it's support, the mine collapses and seawater from above begins to rapidly fill the bunker. Greg hastily makes for the exit of the bunker) 


(But at this point the bunker is tearing apart, the walls and floor are on fire… and the bottom is flooding fast. Greg, with a cheer of victory spots the exit and leaps through it in the nick of time, as the bunker collapses behind him) 

Greg: Holee shit! 

(Turns around to see the bunker collapsing in on itself, as seawater floods the bunker, it collapses, taking a large chunk of the nearby coast with it. Greg has to run to avoid the cracks in the ground and once his at a safe distance, he watches as the bunker slides into the ocean, with an almighty crash, it hits the raging ocean. The mine below it is instantly flooded and collapses, so any Aeternis inside, are killed. And in 2 minutes flat it's all over)

(The D bunker has sunk into the depths and collapsed. The rock of immortality has been swept out of existence. As has Greg's red cap, Greg stands there gasping and he slowly crawls towards where the D bunker once stood) 

Greg (to himself and aloud): It's like it never even existed, like it was never even there… (smiles wearily) guess that's it then… huh? Dan I did it… got out just in time, and eliminated the ultimate threat, that has plagued us Winters for 900 years… I feel good… damn good!


The End

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