The Mortality Tale ExplainedMature

Act 10

Scene 3

The Puppet Master: I was born in the year 666AD exactly, right here in England, and back then Mr. Winters, you think your excuse of a town was savage? Everything back then was savage, the people, the towns, the women, even the goddamn priests! I couldn't survive in a world like that! 

(Greg listens on as the room is silent) 

The Puppet Master: I was shy, sensitive, meek, weak and most of all pathetic. I was pathetic, in a rough world like that. I should have died, but I lived, I made my living by creating little puppets and trying to perform shows for the children here, in this small coastal village, I was laughed at, I was mocked… treated so badly.


The Puppet Master: So badly… I just wanted to kill them all, but because I was so pathetic I couldn't do it and then one day, the men of my village spotted it… the little golden rock jutting out near the coastline and the local priest told us this was a blessing from our God and all the men in our little village had to dig to find this rock. That dig… was exhausting for me… and I was still looked down upon, but these golden rocks they were sacred, someone came up with the ingenuous idea to melt the rocks and drink the golden water.

(He eyes turn blank, as he remembers, before he continues)

The Puppet Master: It was Disgusting and like many ideas of the time, it was stupid and should have ended with our deaths. Only this idea actually worked… 


The Puppet Master: After a few years, we all realised after consuming this rock and it's properties our bodies showed no signs of ageing. Those on their deathbeds remained alive and became healthier, nothing in our village rotted, the wood on the church doors remained fresh as ever, our firewood burned, but the wood was never lost nor damaged. It didn't take a genius to figure it out, our little golden rock had made everything in our world immortal, by drinking it… by spreading it across the church doors… the rock had an airborne effect as well, you could feel it, you just knew… 

Greg: This is a load of nonsense.

The Puppet Master: Is it? What about those skeletons outside here Greg? How come they haven't decomposed yet? Why is the cotton and fabric those caps are made of still, as fresh as ever? Those skeletons have been here for a very long time, trust me, but the rocks airborne effect only applies to a short distance, we heard of news of deaths and disaster elsewhere and one night there was a meeting where the whole of our village assembled in the church.

(He smiles)

The Puppet Master: It was to discuss our miracle find, it was agreed we would share it with the world, the joy, the happiness, we would all be immortal and all live happily ever after.

Greg: It didn't go down like that, did it? 

The Puppet Master: Of course not, despite the circumstances, I was still treated like I was scum, so it hit me. Why did the ungrateful human race deserve immortality? They did not. Was my answer. So, I locked the church doors and burnt the thing down, with every villager trapped, inside their screams filled me with the greatest joy… their rock melted with them, the immortality was lost.

Greg: You… you did all this? You killed all those people!

The Puppet Master: With good reason, if everyone in the world was made immortal back in the 600's you would have never been born Gregory, the world would have filled with immortal drunkards, and greedy lords and the other demons of mankind. I prevented that from happening, God made death for a very good reason, the rock was not a blessing, but a curse… a curse of the worst kind.

Greg: Maybe you're right, but killing…


(Greg is silent)

The Puppet Master: But you and me both had very good reasons for killing scumbags, so we could make the world a better place, right? 

Greg: So nuking the whole of the UK, is making the world a better place?! 

The Puppet Master: I'm coming too that, it turned out the rock may have saved people from diseases and ageing, but not fire or daggers, it could not bring someone back whose body had been torn apart, or the brains destroyed, or internal organs ripped out of the body and people could still die and so my village was empty. I wondered in a daze, deciding to check the hole… and to my horror and the bottom of the hole was more… more of this rock!

(Greg stares at him oddly, as he goes on)

The Puppet Master: I wanted to destroy it all! But then I took advantage of it.

Greg: How? 

The Puppet Master: I DRANK IT! I was no longer to be known by my previous name, at this point in time, my occupation made me the Puppet Master. I created puppets of my dead villagers and hung them up right above where you are sitting.

(Greg looks up and sees thousands, of creepy looking puppets, with blank eye sockets hanging down looking at him) 

The Puppet Master: I like to keep track of those gone to hell, having no pupils gives them no soul, people eventually arrived at my deserted village. But found nothing, but the burnt church and rotting bodies. I was hiding in my cave with my little rock, my new purpose in life. I was no longer a loser, but forever destined, to guard this accursed rock making sure no one would find it, and so my years guarding the rock began. I retained immortality by drinking the rock and guarding it.

Greg: You… you say all this like you're good guy, but if this rock is so bad…!

The Puppet Master: Not just the rock Greg, use its proper title, the Petrae Vita Aeterna Latin, for Rock of Immortality. Because Latin was popular back in the day, anyhow I christened the rock its name, as well as the village's new name Petavia, a shortened mixed Latin word for the rock which brewed beneath it. I chose this town's name myself so therefore I am the founder of this town.

Greg: You weren't listening to me! I was sayin' you think you're a good guy by saying this rock is bad, but you're the hypocrite here, rather than destroying it and doing what's right, you chose to keep it to yourself. Don't you see? You're just as power hungry and as afraid of death, as the people, you saw as villains.


(Silence as Minion 2 shuffles awkwardly)

The Puppet Master: You may make the judgement I am evil, but I also survived to watch over the town, as it regrew and then in the 12th century the year was 1149, another bunch of misfits decided to dig through the hole and to my horror they found the rock, along with me… a man they assumed to be some mad old hermit, among the group of misfits I found another man just like me.

(He sighs)

The Puppet Master: Bullied by his peers, but with a heart of gold, and I survived so I could give the rock of gold, to those who had hearts of gold. I survived to give the ability of the rock to those who deserved it. 

Greg: So you wanted to save others, make your own little group? 

The Puppet Master: I needed company I'd been alone for hundreds of years, so I trusted the man… he was young, only 19 and very handsome indeed. John was his name, I forgot his last name but too me he became Subject M, Subject Male to you. Why did this man who had the looks and the heart of gold have to suffer a miserable life? So I decided I would keep him immortal. 

Greg: And…?

The Puppet Master: This is where your rotten family comes into play, John… or should I say Subject M, was so nice, he accepted his immortality without bragging, he earned it, but Jebidah Winters most certainly did not.

Greg: My ancestor.

The Puppet Master: A big belled, rude, ignorant pig, who was ringleader of those band of misfits, he was spying on me when I gave John the immortal rock. He saw all of its effects, but he was most cunning, he told his group and they waited penitently, watching John as he never aged, eventually, he created them… the cap, that you wear to this very day Mr Winters!

(Greg looks at his cap)

The Puppet Master: Caps weren't in style in the 12th century, but Mr. Winters wanted to soak a fabric, created to make the cap, in the a melted puddle of  Petrae Vita Aeterna. It wasn't enough to make the immortality effect work on them, but the caps were kept immortal, never decaying… and after they finally proved the rock's worth, they… they… knew I was behind it… so…!

Greg: So? 

The Puppet Master: The cowards couldn't face me, could they?! They had to go for poor John! They strung him up, and made him confess to what I'd done to him, he kept his immortality a secret, a crime in the eyes of the others, apparently. So they taunted him, before they savagely beat the man to death, ending his immortality… they marched down here with all wearing those ludicrous caps, their surnames stitched on and above a star to symbolize how these animals… thought… their names would become immortal, how they would be stars… how, when everyone in the world was immortal, their surnames would be the family to look at! They'd be the men to look at! 

Greg: (looking up at cap) Oh my God, so that what it really means?

The Puppet Master: They brought down what was left of John, and Jebidah Winters… the prime example of every evil of mankind. Explaining to me, how he knew about this all along, how he killed John for hiding his immortality, and now he and his men were taking the rock by force and were getting ready to showcase it too the world, I was enraged about what they did to John and I couldn't let them do it… 

Greg: You didn't.

The Puppet Master: I did… I don't know how. All I had was one empty hand, and in the other hand, a small dagger, but I slaughtered most of them, with only 5 escaping and one of those 5 being the man himself. Jebidah Winters.

Greg: My ancestor, my family did originate from here then.

The Puppet Master: I told John's dead body, I would avenge him, and as I buried him I lost hope in humanity completely, my only goal in life was too ensure no one got this rock it was mine now, and mine alone I was the judger of human beings! God invited the rock to give me the power! Don't you see!? God gave me a chance and I took it! 

Greg: You lost your sanity then, if you any to begin with. If you really were that good you'd have burnt that rock to the ground, rid the world of it entirely, but you kept it because you were afraid of death, and you were becoming the tyrant you wanted to destroy.

The Puppet Master: It was my God given right to become a tyrant. A master… a puppet master! Controlling humans judging good from bad, and my first mission rid of those who had escaped. I gathered a few followers, I told them of the rock and they would be rewarded with it, if we killed those with the surnames I remember seeing stitched onto their caps, and so we had our name, the Aeternis. Latin for Immortals, so us the immortals would hunt down the escaped villains, to silence them.

Greg: And how did you and the Aeternis get on? 

The Puppet Master: We found three of them, they were preaching about the immortality rock to the locals at in Petavia, thankfully they were judged insane by everyone, and killed that night in private, just to be on the safe side. We found the fourth man, he tried to preach in a faraway town, we disposed of him and everyone thought he was insane… but we never found the fifth one, the one I wanted to kill the most… Jebidah Winters.

Greg: He hid well.

The Puppet Master: We never found the bastard, but no one else came to the hole in Petavia so he can't have told anyone, or nobody believed him anyhow. The Aeternis members were killed by me, once they served their purpose, my faith in humanity was none existent by this point. I knew full well they would tell people or share it, once they had the rock to themselves. They kept their vow of silence, when they worked for me, assuming there would be a reward, but there was none, these people were vile to the core looking out for themselves and that's how the Aeternis runs.


The Puppet Master: I hire members, they expect there immortality, if they stay silent while working for me and then I kill them, simple as simple is.

Greg: Monster.

The Puppet Master: I gained two permanent members I'll have you know Minions 1 and 2 were willing and able and the only two people I trust. Willing to change their names to my two minions, to earn their immortality.

Minion 2: It has been a great honour serving my master, we had hard lives me and minion 1, and we worked for the puppet master loyally, we did not seek the reward for greedy purposes, and he knew that and over the years, he has not killed us and we have returned the favour, hence he trusts only us, and we respect our master, and since we do. We are entitled the rock, and we earn it.

The Puppet Master: So history dragged on, in 1500 I finally found the Winters family turned out, Jebidah had taught himself a little lesson, he hid himself from me and apparently lived in a small community, he set up and you know what he called it? 

Greg: Wait… no! 

The Puppet Master: That's right. Mortdale. Mort- French for death.

Greg: I know that.

The Puppet Master: Anyhow, a small community like that nicknamed the exact opposite for immortality, was the last place I'd come looking, plus the community was filled with criminals, rouges, drunkards and the insane. Jebidah must have felt guilt over his killing of John and exiled himself to live among the dammed. His idea of penance, but still he had children and passed on that immortal cap of his, down from son to son. I needed that cap back, because eventually someone would get wary, of why it hadn't rotted, or decayed at all over the years and suspicions would rise, and it would eventually be traced back to me… 

Greg: My cap, that's why you wanted the Winter's family, wasn't it! 

The Puppet Master: I had to find that damn cap! But, by the time I start killing anyone with the last name of Winters, you're damn family flees aboard and really there's nothing to be done about that, over time my organisation forgot about the Winters family. But I did not, they were more pressing matters at hand, such as people discovering the rock and we had to silence them.

Greg: So lemme get this right, you were born in 666, by the time you turn 40 in 706, you dig for this rock you find it and you slaughter your village, in 1149 you found Subject M. A few years pass, but then he gets slaughtered and you begin to hunt down the remaining caps and the Winters family, and Mortdale by the sounds of it was founded.

The Puppet Master: In 1192, the scribe I spoke to about the town knew it's whole history, including that of the Winters.

Greg: So Mortdale first exists in 1192, Jebidah has kids, a son no doubt and after he dies the family cap is passed on to this son, most likely the eldest and this goes on until 1500 when you talk to this scribe and start killing Winters. When you discover the cap is in the town, but they flee aboard and you lose track of them, once again and you have more pressing matters to deal with. So slowly the Aeternis forgets about huntin' Winters like bears and more on keepin' the rock to themselves, and protect it, you kill em, and you secure your rock and this cycle goes on… until Chelsea.


Greg: I'm right, aren't I? 

The Puppet Master: The years flew by, and in 1734 we found Chelsea Black. A 10 year old orphan girl with short term memory loss, she stumbled into the hole by mistake, but one member of the Aeternis took pity on the girl and rather than have us kill her. Argued that he would look after her, use her as an experiment to see how the golden rock really worked. You see Mr. Winters, the industrial revolution was close at hand. Scientific discoveries were becoming more common, people were curious to know more about this rock and its effects so rather than kill Chelsea, we… 

Greg: Made her your human Guiana pig.

The Puppet Master: Correct, I was never too interested in Subject F. Known as Subject Female, but in 1734 they forced the rock down her throat and the effect created the Chelsea Black you saw in your days in Mortdale. Since she had short term memory loss, her body failed to function like our's. It was a medical miracle, if you forgot how to die the rock with its effects of immortality, meant you simply could not die whether you were ripped apart or burnt or stabbed. So, Chelsea Black was the impossible, we never knew, how she fully worked, but we knew enough to know we created immortality for good.

(He eyes fly downwards)

The Puppet Master: However she needed a daily dose of the rock's liquid to keep her short term memory fresh, but over time, she had her flashes of remembrance, she managed to age 6 years, in 300 years. She did die on one occasion that I heard of, but obviously she came back, anyhow we couldn't keep Chelsea Black a secret forever. So we sent her to live in Mortdale with a carer usually her “aunt” or who she thought was an “aunt” who was really a member of the Aeternis. Their duty was too watch over her and make sure no one noticed.

Greg: Right.

The Puppet Master: She was dumb beyond belief, impossibly dumb, yet people for some reason just accepted her. The world was a mad place and still is, an extremely dumb girl was just there, y'know? No one questioned the logic of it, and she could still age, that's what everyone thought, we even tried to enrol her in White View school in 1920. Where she managed to age to 11 or 12, but people got suspicious that she didn't look 16. By the time she was in year 11, so we pulled her out of school, and hid her again until she finally aged to 16, and enrolled her once again, she may have looked odd as a year 7. But no one questioned it like they did the first time, and that's how we planned to get rid of our mistake.

Greg: Mistake? 

The Puppet Master: We could have just buried her, or left her in the middle of the desert but the Aeternis were fascinated by her, she was probed for all sorts of scientific experiments, she couldn't remember them of course. But if she was removed the Aeternis would revolt against me, they were too high in numbers and too fond of this dumb bitch Chelsea. So I had to waste lots of effort just to make it look as though Chelsea was a normal, very dumb, sometimes immortal teenager, yet she would age and die one day. That's what Chelsea supposed dumb aunt's job was. To convenience everyone Chelsea was born 16 years ago, not 300, and so it worked, no one asked questions, or got too wary and if they did… well...

Greg: Disposed of? 

The Puppet Master: Exactly! Good for you Greg, now if you… 

(As the Puppet Master goes on, Dan silently enters, Greg and him make eye contact for a second, before Dan dives behind a nearby chair, Greg coughs loudly to cover the noise Dan makes, before he turns back to the Puppet Master) 

Greg: And what about Dan huh? Why'd you go for him, what was that all about? 

The Puppet Master: Well that's the next part in the story ain't it? The Winters last names were erased from Mortdale's history, so no one, including that creepy history teacher of yours, could find any records relating to them. But hell, they did, somehow… Mary Lou Winters and Randy Winters.

Greg: The parents of Daniel.

The Puppet Master: Yes, it was the 1980's when they came to visit me. Mary Lou was pregnant with Daniel at the time, and Randy... he was a nosy son of a bitch. He had to find his way in, didn't he? But he was clever, oh so clever and such a hard worker, he decided that his ancestor Jebidah, had fled from Petavia for reasons unknown, and so he came to the town and naturally he came into the bunker. Because the D bunker, was short for the Devoid Bunker.

Greg: The Devoid Bunker, is that why it's empty? 

The Puppet Master: Correct, it's true purpose was to cover the entrance to this mine that led to the rock, usually it's covered. But today it was open for you Greg, to come in, anyhow passes into the bunker, were rare and only Minion 1. Minion 2 and Myself have passes and there was one more in the library of Mortdale. Aaron was supposed to find a way to get you there after I spoke to you on the Walkie Talkie, but thanks to Chelsea you got there anyhow and found it, and you got this far, when I said you couldn't, but I knew you just had to prove me wrong and here you are.

Greg: Anyhow, what about Mary-Lou and Randy?

The Puppet Master: Ah yes, when they discovered the rock. I told them the truth like I told you know, but see Greg, this is why your family is so despicable in my eyes. Mary-Lou and Randy were both 18 when they discovered the rock ,and like many before them I vouched their silence and in return they would be awarded the rock. But they wanted to wait for 18 years, by then they would be 36 but still young enough, and their beloved new-born son Daniel would be 18, at the perfect age and immune from death. They would be one big happy immortal little family, living their quiet little lives, forever in St. Louisville, a charming little town in Alabama.

(The Puppet Master grins fiendishly at this) 

The Puppet Master: Anyhow now I knew where you Winters were, well three of you. I suspected Randy was hiding the cap from me, so I wrote a letter to them saying how they had to return not to Petavia, but to Mortdale itself to get the cap I needed. So therefore they would go to Mortdale, Chelsea would be there, I'd set all my Aeternis up and blow the town to smithereens, killing all my Aeternis members, having Chelsea collected and stored here, and finally gaining that cap, that was my master plan, to rid any traces of this rock ever existing and keep it between me and my minions, once again!


The Puppet Master: But like his ancestor, Randy was cunning he had a bad feeling about it, so a couple of years later Aeternis members managed to assassinate him. He died under mysterious circumstances, but many just assumed a brain defect or something like that, Mary Lou wanted to carry on her late husband's dream of returning to Mortdale and seeking immortality. I lied to her in another letter saying the rock could also bring back those from the dead, she seemed so optimistic about it. I guess Randy kept his suspicions to himself, which was a shame really. I guess with Randy gone, he passed on his cap to his beloved fatherless 2 year old son Daniel Winters.

(Another pause in which the Puppet Master grits his teeth) 

The Puppet Master: Then I found out that the bitch had lied to me. Mary Lou made it out in her letters to me, that Daniel had the cap. But when I sent Aeternis over to investigate, he had no such cap about him, enraged I arranged the death of Mary Lou, to cover my tracks, so with an already slightly grief stricken and loopy Mary. One of the Aeternis pretended to befriend her and encouraged her to dance of the roof of a tractor and SPLAT! Freak accident occurred. It was tragic to many but not an assassination, so my tracks were cleared, Daniel Winters was an orphan, boo-hoo his parents never told him anything of Mortdale, they were waiting for the big day when he turned 18. To surprise him. That day never came and Daniel was getting no cap, so I no longer needed him, he could disappear for all I cared. So off he went with Aunt Urlsa-Marie.

Greg: You thought the cap was on Randy's side of the family?

The Puppet Master: Indeed, entering the 21st century I researched your family tree. I looked at Randy's brother’s assuming they might have the cap, but it was a waste of time because actually, Mary Lou's brothers had it. She was the eldest sister, but since she was a daughter, the cap was not hers. It was always a male thing, it was a tradition, so their were two brothers. Chuck and Jason. But I never knew one of them had it, until… until Daniel Winters came home.

(From where he is hiding Daniel listens in closely) 

The Puppet Master: Mary Lou had passed something onto Daniel in her will, that I so foolishly failed to pick up on. The little note saying coming to Mortdale and the fucking kid took the message literally, and came back to Mortdale. I never thought he would, and he kept a low profile so none of the Aeternis in the town noticed he was indeed a Winter, that was until he booked his holiday back to St. Louisville, and the link was made, plus he told an Aeternis in disguise who was working at the airport his last name… 

Greg: And the tape… it picked up everything.

The Puppet Master: At this point the Aeternis were wary of me, and wary of the threat I posed to Chelsea. They knew I did not keep to my promises, so I had a mounting crisis to take care of, still I needed Daniel outta the way because he was getting too close for comfort, I ordered an Aeternis to order some… of those thugs in the town of Mortdale you call chavs to deal with him. By killing his friends and himself just to completely clear my tracks, of course I had no idea, some paedophile was recording it! Or that Daniel would escape and become a chav! And vanish underneath the radar of Mortdale. 


The Puppet Master: Still Daniel was finally out of the way, it seemed, destined to die an early death from drugs or drink… etc… and Chelsea was being watched. All in all, things were going well. Although I hoped one day, that Daniel would have visitors, from his family members. I still could not locate them, but she could… ooh yes… The Countess of Shrewsbury in her madness, found you Gregory and from this point on it was all history.

Greg: I moved here.

The Puppet Master: I couldn't believe it! You had come straight from St. Louisville itself! I should have fucking known! How fucking dumb was I! Daniel had visited St. Louisville all those years ago for a fucking reason! To visit fucking relatives! I should have known

(Punches arm, of his chair)

The Puppet Master: I blamed the Aeternis and their obsession with Chelsea, they were the reason; I failed to find you sooner Gregory! I hated them! My trust was at an all-time low! Sooner or later, they would all have to go along with Chelsea Black, by the time you arrived in Mortdale, her short term memory gift, was getting weaker soon she would remember everything. I could have given her another dosage of the rock, to keep the Aeternis happy. But I had decided I was done with them all. The two C's were where, I wanted them. Chelsea and the cap, I could get rid of them all, once the locals had killed Greg and the cap was to be delivered to me…

Greg: That wasn't the case.

The Puppet Master: No… The random slag in the crowd reported, that you were not only surviving Mortdale, but changing it, and keeping that cap so close to yourself that it was impossible to steal from you. Suddenly, everything seemed all wrong, the low life town Jebidah Winters had founded, was being made better by his great-great- great times 100 grandson. Without the thugs running around mindlessly, people would begin to admire and respect you Mr. Winters, ask about your cap and after you watched that tape all the pieces were coming together, we would soon be exposed, and so would the rock I swore to keep from those who did not deserve it and to me no human did. I needed to overcome this obstacle, I could do it! I would one day find a human like John who truly deserved the rock, me and you are quite similar Greg, we would go through hell just to save one person, like you… who was special to you Greg? 

Greg: (Hesitating): I- I… Dan.

The Puppet Master: Why? 

Greg: I just knew he was a good person deep down and too change one person even if it was just him, made me prouder of myself than Kanye West was of his… 

The Puppet Master: So you understand? My motive? Huh? Still, everything was going to shit, the Aeternis fully distrusted me, and I knew sooner or later they were gonna turn on me. Tell everyone about that rock of mine, tell the MP's in parliament probably. The MP's were already changing the law, to ridden the country of criminals. Criminals were my cover, chavs were my cover, the less of them they were, the less people paid attention to them and they more focused they were on me, and the symbols began to get noticed. I was at the end of my road, so I planned, Plan X.

Greg: Plan X? 

The Puppet Master: Nuke the UK, I told the Aeternis all about it, and your friend Aaron, only I sold them different stories. The Aeternis believed that I was gonna nuke the UK a week earlier than I actually did. I told Aaron to record you and keep track of you, find the pass into the D bunker at Mortdale library. The others I all destroyed expect for my own and Minion 1 and 2's, he knew the real time of the nuclear bombing, ironically it turned out right after the law announcing tighter laws on chavs, which covered my tracks I guess. But still, the only links I had in the military could order all those nuclear bombs to be dropped, none directly on Mortdale of course, but still if you died Aaron would be tasked with carrying your cap to the D bunker.

 Greg: And… 

The Puppet Master: If Aaron somehow died and you lived than my plan was a failure. But it was risk I was willing to take, and if you both lived, you would go to the bunker and Aaron would assist you there. You would both reach the bunker Aaron would betray you and he would expect his share of my rock, of course that's where I would have shot the idiot and kept it too myself, and killed you soon after took your cap and kept it hidden.

Greg: But Aaron died.

The Puppet Master: True, I was expecting it, still you came to the bunker to find out the truth, and the truth has been given, still there were two other reasons I bombed the UK. Because Chelsea was about to get her memory back and I needed to eliminate the Aeternis once and for all, Of course they survived. Realised I was behind it and knew I wanted your cap and they knew I lead you to a D bunker pass, so they chased you and wanted you dead, so they could get your pass and possibly your cap and take the rock for themselves after killing me, but alas… 

(Greg grunts angrily) 

The Puppet Master: Roger, the savage. Forgot about the earlier Aeternis motto of, "We love Chelsea, let her live". He just wanted to scare and intimidate you by finally proving he and his gang of thugs, could kill the unkillable Chelsea Black and with her dead they also did me a favour, they eliminated evidence, and now I see you took care of Roger. The Aeternis are greatly reduced in number and once I'm finished with you I'll pretend to let them in, and then slaughter them, covering my tracks completely, they won't be able to defeat me with my minion here, we are too strong they have been out there for days and injured by your lot. So all in all the plan has gone to perfection.

Greg: So that's the truth, huh? Behind everything?

The Puppet Master: Well you said you'd die to get it, now… 

Greg: Killing Chelsea, and the Aeternis, getting my cap…

The Puppet Master: Yes, with Aaron gone, I sent my minions out to lure you closer to the bunker and if you were to die, bring your cap back to me. But here you are alone, if you came with others, I'd have slaughtered them instantly. I wanted you to know what sort of scumbags your family and the Aeternis were. Before I killed you and that my motives are justified… 

Greg (laughing): Justified!

The Puppet Master: Yes I… 

Greg: ...Killed thousands of people over the years, just to keep your secret safe! To keep yourself alive! 

The Puppet Master: I… 


The Puppet Master: Yes, Petrae Vita Aeterna has to be protected… forever… I am forever The Puppet Master, never again some loser. I would go the length of destroying the whole of UK, to keep my secret safe, humans beings are horrible creatures Gregory Winters. Surely you know that, and with this nuclear fallout, my secret will remain forever a secret, until I find human beings truly capable enough for the rock. I won't have to hire greedy bastards who just want immortality and then kill them, hiring them just for the sake of finding a cap, that I have now found, and it can join the collection. As can you Gregory, the skeletons outside have been waiting hundreds of years for Winters bones to come and join them, ah will you look at that? It just hit midnight, so it's 11th November. Five months exactly, since you first set foot in Mortdale, so Greg, before you die how have you enjoyed your five month stay in England?

Greg: Up and down's.

The Puppet Master: I'll bet, anything relevant you want to say?

Greg: So millions have died, ironic right as you're denying them the right the rock that can keep them alive, so much death to keep a rock hidden, that can keep you alive… all of this is because one pathetic loser, like yourself, yes you are a loser, you're too afraid of death, the right thing to do Is to destroy that rock, end it all… 


Greg: Sick… insane…. Fucker… 

The Puppet Master: What I can say Greg, look at the Puppet collection you are about to join.

Greg: It's a massacre.

The Puppet Master: No. It's merely A Mortality Tale, but this long tale of so much death, is finally drawing to It's close. Your whole life Greg Winters, owner of the cap has been spilt into little acts leading to this moment, of your death…

(He laughs)

The Puppet Master: Now say Farewell, because you're merely going to be another nameless Mortality to the bomb.

Greg: Before I die, may I ask, Minion 1's dead, so where is his pass?

The Puppet Master: Still on him, or else the Aeternis would have broken in a long time ago.

Greg: Or someone else could have got it.

The Puppet Master: Like who? 

Dan: (emerging from hiding place) LIKE ME!

(With his blades shining he charges right at Minion 2, silting his neck and killing him instantly, he proceeds towards the Puppet Master) 


 Dan: Yeah well, what can ya say?

The Puppet Master: (drawing gun on him) Yeah, you ain't got nothing to say, because I'm going to shoot, here and now… 

(Dan charges forward anyway, getting shot three times in the stomach, however despite the pain he is in. Dan ploughs on, with a bellow he roars) 


(His blade soars through the air and slices the Puppet master's head into two, the Puppet Master twitches and with a shocked expression on his face he finally dies, the watcher of everyone and everything finally; finally, meeting the person he feared the most… death) 

Dan: Greg… Greg…!

Greg: DAN! I knew you'd come back! 

Dan: Here… here…

(Unties him, as soon as his free, Greg hugs his cousin) 

Greg (sobbing): I thought that was it… I was so ready to go, Dan.

Dan: Yeah well… (Winces in pain) you know, the truth now… and you're still alive. So shall we get out of this dump and spread the word!?

Greg: Hell yeah!… I… (Looks back at the Petrae Vita Aeterna glistening on the wall) Dan… I need to do this.

Dan: Do what? 

Greg: Destroy it… get rid of that rock once and for all, end it.

Dan: Oh, Alrite, do what ya gotta do.

Greg: (lifting candle from table) I'll make it quick, (he lets the naked flame touch the golden rock and instantly it begins to burn) 

Dan: Thought yow were afraid of fire?

Greg: I still am, but I can handle it, because learning the truth. I discovered there are things I fear more… (Looks at the Puppet Master's corpse) becoming like him.

Dan: Yeah… come on then lad, let's get the fuck outta here, these puppets creep me the fuck out.

Greg: (smiling) Yeah. It's Over now. 

The End

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