Daddy's ComingMature

Act 10

Scene 2

(He follows the seemingly linear pattern of the mine, as it slopes downwards) 

Greg (thinking to self): So the puppet Master ain't in the bunker at all, his in this mine dug underneath a bunker, and this must be beneath the sea floor as well, so the whole bunker is merely a blockade, not to get into this thing, damn what is down here…?

(He proceeds further down and when he is at 400 feet, he spots the first skeleton, he shudders and jumps over it, not noticing what it was wearing, buried in the sludge beneath it) 

Greg: (thinking to self): Poor guy...must have died here generations ago, still… 

(He moves further down and with this he spots more skeletons, and this time he can see what many of them are wearing, or what has fallen into the mud next to their skulls) 

Greg: My God… (he can see they were all wearing caps, red caps with family surnames stitched in yellow beneath a yellow star) 

Greg: (looking up at this cap): My cap… and these caps there identical… no wonder I'm tied to this place! But I can't have been! This cap has been in my family for generations, unless it originated here… 

(With this in mind, Greg continues forwards, he passes more skeletons, with nicknames on caps that do not ring a bell with him. Finally he comes across it, a large wooden room at the end and bottom of the mine, it's quite warm and this much of a depth and Greg can read the sign at the top of the wooden room) 

492 feet under sea level! Congratulations! You have reached the point of the Petrae Vita Aeterna!

Long May you live!

(Confused, Greg opens the creaky wooden door, Shrapnel at the ready and when he enters, he gasps because the room is like a 17th century parlour room. Cosy and decorated as if it were in a mansion, not at the bottom of a mine. Cautiously Greg wonders around and at the other end of the room. Greg can see the wall is natural, but the rock on this wall is bright gold and shines brightly, curiously Greg strokes the rock) 

Greg: The rock that shines.

(He hears a gun clicking behind him, he turns to see a bland looking 40-ish year old man, with dull brown hair and eyes staring at him, he has a pale and miserable face and a lanky skinny frame, with sickly white skin and an evil glint under his dark eyes) 

Man: Sit down Mr Winters, or so help me you got shot.

Greg: The Puppet Master at long last hey? I was expecting you to look more intimdating at least.

The Puppet Master: (Holding up his Walkie Talkie): Contacted you on this, hey? Show me yours.

(Greg holds his up) 

The Puppet Master: So it's the famous Greg Winters, huh? Sit down boy, come on take a seat or I will shoot.

(Greg does so slowly, as he does Minion 2 appears out of the darkness, and ties Greg to the chair so he can't escape, the minion also takes a Greg's shrapnel, camera and flashlight and Walkie talkie) 

The Puppet Master: (as buzzing screens flash on behind him) Nice camera you got there.

Greg: You watched us through those screens?

The Puppet Master: Yep, how else? You lot made quite the show, so only you made it in hey? Friends all dead or separated? 

Greg: Pretty much, so you can kill me now, but I want the truth.

The Puppet Master: Good, because I want you to know what happened before you die, so you'll die in so much pain and so much guilt, you will be begging for death.

(Meanwhile on the surface) 

(Danny and Wilhelmina have crammed themselves into the cupboard, in an office building holding each other tightly, they have just escaped the Aeternis after Danny dropped the pass, the Aeternis are now heading back to the bunker, after failing to find the pair with a sigh of relief, Danny murmurs… “they're gone” and the two step out of the cupboard) 

Wilhelmina: Well that was close...

(She screams one of the Aeternis members has stayed behind and found them, they have no time to react, the member holds up an axe and prepares to slaughter the pair of them, when suddenly, a blade slices through his stomach, he crumples to the ground and dies) 

Danny: (shaken to the core about his very close brush with death) Who saved us? Hang on is that…? 

(They can see there saviour is none other, than the one armed, sickly looking, yet determined) 

Wilhelmina: DAZ?! 

Dan: Dan now, actually.

Danny: How'd you find us?

Dan: Hard to miss this lot with the racket they make, ay it? 

Wilhelmina: Well what now? 

Dan: I know what to do, now listen to me, you pair, have you seen Greg?

Wilhelmina: He went into the bunker alone, we distracted them so he could get in and find the truth.

Dan: Shit! I gotta get in there! 

Danny: There's no way, there are too many of them blocking the entrance, plus that bandaged stump of yours ain't looking to hot.

Dan: Yeah well I just saved your fucking lives, so shut your faces and I bandaged myself up while missing an arm. I'm dead meat, but my last wish is too look after Greg, it's… it's what Suzanne wanted.

Danny: You Winters are all suicidal as of late.

Wilhelmina: If you want to go into the bunker, we'll help, we'll… 

Dan: Nah… I need to do this alone, Greg's my responsibility, and it's finally time I looked after him… he taught me how to be a good fella again, so I owe him my life back... plus if we both die down there. We need someone to spread the story of what happened here and you two are our last bet, so stay here no matter what happens.

Wilhelmina: Okay.

Danny: We'll stay but I swear you'll die, if you try… 

(Too late Dan has already gone, walking causally through the crowd of Aeternis they prepare the slaughter him. However Dan cuts through them using his blade like Lee and the end of the walking dead episode 5. Danny and Wilhelmina watch in awe from the window, as Dan reaches the bunker, he inserts a slip into there, he enters the D bunker and the door shuts behind him, leaving a crowd of dead people and an astounded Danny and Wilhelmina) 

Wilhelmina: Their are still a dozen of them standing, but what the fuck! Where did he get the pass from!? I never asked! 

Danny: From that minion that killed Suzanne, no doubt, it's where he got the blade from too, and they must be effective, because he cut through them like they were butter! 

Wilhelmina: Or Dan could just be a badass? Well either way all we can do now, is pray for the best and wait… 

(Meanwhile back in the bunker, Dan pulls an object from the bag on his back and places it in front of the door In the bunker, he smiles and zips his bag up and then descends the D bunker, looking for Greg) 

(At the bottom) 

The Puppet Master: I'm going to start at the start, you understand? So you get the full picture?

(He turns on the camera)

The Puppet Master: I wanna record this, so when I look back at it. I can see the look on your face, leading up right to the moment I kill you. You understand this of course?

(Greg nods) 

The Puppet Master: And now, It is time for me, to explain everything... 

The End

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