The Final ActMature

Act 10 

Scene 1

(March 10th) 

(Greg, Danny and Wilhelmina are on the roof to a building in Petvita, none of the 3 can sleep) 

Greg (to Walkie Talkie): Why? (No response) just why? (Again no response) why do you do this to us? Why are there people like you in the world? (No response) Why is so much evil? What's your motivation? (No response) 

(With this Greg pulls his Walkie Talkie back into his pocket and pulls out, the old camera that Aaron once held, he clicks play on it and with a smile, he watches the group's journey from Mortdale all the way to Petvita. The losses make him cry all over again, the romances make him smile, Gordon generally makes him laugh, as do a few others, finally he pauses the video as Imogen's face comes up) 

Greg: You won't be forgotten Imogen, none of you will. I'll make sure of that, heck if I die I get to go back to you, back to you Imogen, and you Terry and Kerry and you mum and dad I'll welcome death as an old friend, but not before I know the truth, my soul can't rest until then, so Suzanne you were right. I can't die until I know the full truth, I've earned it, I've come this far for it.

(Greg sighs and rolls over, looking up at the starry night sky) 

Greg: If you're still out there Dan… alive… live on in the Winters name. Will you promise me that, promise me, you'll be a good man. That all my work in Mortdale, was worth something, even if it meant just changing one man for the better, so much so you could have passed as my dad.


Wilhelmina: I can't sleep Danny 

Danny: Oh it's Danny now? At long last we will be sticking to the title, I assume.

Wilhelmina: Nah Denny will suit you, if we survive.

Danny: I highly doubt that, it’' either Danny or (points at headband) the legend.

Wilhelmina: BUMDER! Yeah that's good for you, screw the legend.

Danny: And yet I'm still here.

Wilhelmina: I can honestly say I'm surprised both of us made us this far. I mean you were so big headed and everyone hated you and as for me. I could barely stand, as I was the drunk of the group, so how I'm still alive and standing now, is beyond me.

Danny: We got lucky and we knew we could survive, that's why we are here.

Wilhelmina: I didn't think I could… 

Danny: You are a fighter, I know you are or else you wouldn't have jumped and swam back at the tunnel.

Wilhelmina: Okay you got me… but I'm so young… were so young, were only 18 our lives should be starting, not ending and Greg (looks over at him) his younger than us, he looks like his given up, the poor guy.

Danny: We haven't grown attached to people like others in the group, or else we would have stayed behind or died of heartbreak. Greg over there, got too attached, now he just wants his world to end, because there is no one left in it, worth living for.

Wilhelmina: His got us.

Danny: Yeah, no wonder his feeling suicidal.

Wilhelmina: Why didn't you give up on this journey?

Danny: I lost my world and the people I cared about back at the Penti present tournament, when my mum and sisters died, although I went out with Imogen. I didn't care about her to the same level.

Wilhelmina: I never had anyone I really cared about, Mary was my friend I guess and I was gutted when she died, but other than that the only people I've grown attached to is you guys.

Danny: Zsa Zsa was right Wilhelmina; just to let you know when we die tomorrow I'll have been... glad to die with you, and gotten this far of course.

Wilhelmina (laughs): Yeah if we survive, this will be awkward, still, let's try to sleep hey Denny? and when we die tomorrow, I might get to calling you Danny once and for all and I guess we can finally be… friends… that felt weird to say.

Danny: Tell me about it anyhow, goodnight Wilhelmina.

Wilhelmina: Night… Danny.

(He smiles and the two drift off as Greg looks to the sky) 

(Later the sun rises in the town)  

Greg: Last sunrise.

Danny: Let's go then.

(The trio proceed in silence, carefully and silently making their way through the silent town from the rooftops they can see the ocean) 

Greg: It's peaceful, ain't it? 

Danny: Yeah… (Silence) 

Wilhelmina: (To Greg) are you okay? 

Greg: Don't even bother asking, we all know I'm not and I know you and Danny ain't.

Wilhelmina: Were starving, exhausted, injured, my whole friggin body aches and I guess you boys ain't coping any better?

Danny: No, I can go all night *Note the sarcasm*.

Wilhelmina: Sure thing Danny, sure thing, (turns back to Greg) but seriously you're not considering throwing yourself off this building right now, because I don't want to give you a lecture.

Greg: No, I'm okay, but once we reach the bunker expect the worst.

Wilhelmina: Okay (They walk on in silence, finally at long last after walking to the centre of town they have reached it…) 

Greg: The D bunker …were here… 

(Greg, Danny and Wilhelmina stare down at the bunker which is merely a long staircase leading downwards, at the bottom of the stairs there is a large grey door, in which several members of the Aeternis are gathered around) 

Danny: Shit, they must have tried to bust in, that minion must have got back in and since then they've crowded the place, their trying to get in somehow.

Wilhelmina: Or to put it more logically, they know were coming and our after our pass.

(Danny pulls it from his pocket) 

Danny: So, Greg, you're the suicidal bastard here, what's the plan? 

Greg (watching tape back to where Mrs Wellington was explaining how to get into the D bunker): Okay, that explains how we get into the bunker… I'll remember that, but we'll just be cut down, with so many of those sons of bitches down there.

Danny: Well their only after you and the pass, so that will get them away from the bunker.

Greg: But I have to get in, I just have too!

Wilhelmina: I understand… (Turns head to Danny) 

Danny: And what do you expect me to do? 

Wilhelmina: Be useful. And follow my lead.

(It's then she pulls out a pass. from her pocket) 

Danny: You… you did that? 

Wilhelmina: Weirdly enough when I was shitfaced as well. I figured we might need it.

Greg: Y'know considering it, I think you're a lot more intelligent then you give yourself credit for.

Wilhelmina (blushing): It's nothing, I just figured we might need a decoy pass, for a certain time and damn was I right.

Danny: Then give it to me and you two distract them and I'll discover the truth of the bunker.

Wilhelmina: (As Greg opens his mouth to protest) No Danny, you see here Greg has to do it, his come this far, this journey is personal to him, not you, we'll distract the people there with this fake pass, sure draw most of them away, then we'll drop the pass just when we've delayed them long enough, and either they'll go back to the bunker, sparing us. Or still come after us, either way Greg we'll buy you enough time, to get into the bunker.

Danny: But I… (Sighs) you really want to do this Greg?

 Greg: I know I'm gonna die, but hell I'll do it for the truth.

Danny: Well… well (getting emotional, he looks up and Greg and…) you're fucking suicidal nice knowing you, now let's go Wilhelmina.

Wilhelmina: Basically Greg, his telling you in Danny language, good luck and I'll miss you bro… however, I reckon I can say it. (Hugs him, her voice breaks slightly) It's been fun. 

Greg: Yeah, take care of yourself Wilhelmina.

Wilhelmina: You too, if you do somehow come out alive… 

Greg: It ain't gonna happen, but you two promise me one thing, if I don't come back… which I reckon I won't, spread the story you know, we might not know the full truth, but to avenge everyone who died, just tell them what happened here.  

Danny: Consider it done, I get to be an asshole by busting those guys, and a good guy by avenging people I hated… yet it's morally right.

Wilhelmina: A winning combination hey? Anyhow Greg, Farewell... cowboy.

Greg: Good luck you two.

(They set off, pretending to sneak into the bunker… Wilhelmina sets this up, Greg hides on the roof as Wilhelmina “accidentally “trips, when she is near the bunker and hence she drops her pass) 

Wilhelmina: Shit!

Danny: (scooping the pass up) Well done dipshit! They've seen us! Now run! 

(The two do so, and many members of the Aeternis who are desperate to get into the bunker chase them, only two remain on guard in front of the D bunker, when Greg is certain the crowd has gone he approaches the bunker)

Aeternis member: HEY YOU! NO ONE… 

(Greg pulls a piece of shrapnel out of his pocket and silts the woman's neck callously; the other Aeternis member on guard, is shocked and tries to call for help, but he is too late. As Greg murders him in cold blood, as he hits the ground, Greg sighs and looks around) 

Greg: Okay Greg, not a lot of time, remember what Miss Wellington said.

(He descends the giant staircase and inserts the real pass into a little slot right by the doors which has been vandalised by the Aeternis, but too his relief, still works, there is a beep and Pronto the doors slide open for him, he steps into the D bunker and then quickly finds the slot on the other side of the door, he inserts the pass into it and the doors slide shut leaving him in a small grey and steel corridor, lit dimly by overhead lights) 

Greg (thinking): I'm here, right this is it.

(Begins to proceed down a staircase, at the end of the corridor the he continues down the staircase spotting nothing of interest to him. It just looks like a very ordinary, yet very large bunker, he loses track of time for how long he descends the staircase) 

Greg: (thinking to self): 492 feet I think it was… Melody predicted my destiny would be there, with the shining rock, that's where the puppet master must be now. I just need to keep going down and keep going down) 

(He does so eventually he reaches the bottom of the staircase, where a sign reads 200 feet underground, he also spots a large pile of supplies nearby, which he smiles to himself and promises that if he survives his ordeal, he'll grab as much of the rations as he can) 

Greg (thinking to self): Okay, so I'm at the bottom of this bunker but it ain't deep enough… 

(He pauses, as he has stepped forward and spotted a large hole in the ground that looks like it’s been mined down, peering inwards Greg can see wooden beams holding the mysterious mine upwards, as the mine is pitch black, he manages to find a flashlight in the pile of supplies behind him. He switches it on and clutching his shrapnel close in one hand and flashlight in another, he proceeds downwards) 

Greg (aloud): I'm ready for you, Puppet Master. 

The End

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