And Then There Were ThreeMature

Act 9

Scene 5

Wilhelmina: What happened? Greg why are you crying? 

Greg: I… (Sobs) they wanted to stay behind, I couldn't stop them!

Danny: Where's Eric? Imogen? Mrs Conrad? 

Greg: Roger killed Eric… Mrs Conrad killed Roger and they overwhelmed Mrs Conrad and Imogen… and (Falls to the floor and cries hysterically) I couldn't save her! Oh… their gone… no way they were getting out of that! All of em are dead, Eric… Mrs Conrad… and I… I'm… oh God damn!

 Wilhelmina: Greg… 

Greg: I loved her… we kissed at last… and now I've lost her. I've lost my world.

(Long silence, Danny looks at Wilhelmina, sighing Wilhelmina bends down to a distraught Greg) 

Wilhelmina: Greg they'll be coming for us in a minute,  you want Imogen to die for nothing? You want Gordon to die for nothing? You want Mrs Conrad to die for nothing?

Greg: No.

Wilhelmina: Well come on then, it's time to go.

Greg (standing slowly): Yeah.

Danny: We'll get to the bunker, for them, hey? 

Wilhelmina: Yeah come on Greg, you want the answers don't you? We've come too far to fall.

Greg: Yeah, let's go.

(They jump over a few roofs losing track of the Aeternis members, as the dusk turns into night, the exhausted, grieving and silent trio, decide to sleep on the roof to the building they are residing on) 

Greg (looking up at the night sky): I'll keep guard okay? 

Wilhelmina: Greg, I don't think you should… 

Danny: Wilhelmina, just let him alright.

Wilhelmina: (sighing): Okay, the bunker is only a quarter of a mile away. Tomorrow morning ,we reach it and hopefully survive, although I doubt it.

Danny: We came all this way… just to die in the end. Still, I made it to the end I can be proud.

Greg: You should both be proud, I'm serious, you've earned it. Now get some sleep you'll need it. I know this time tomorrow, I'm dead meat, but I'll get the answers, it will be worth it and you two can spread the truth.

Wilhelmina: Greg that's (pauses and sighs)…well I dunno what's gonna happen tomorrow but tonight, get some rest… night Greg.

Greg: Goodnight… 

(As the trio try to sleep, Greg curls up into a ball and begins to cry silently) 

(Meanwhile in the Bunker) 

TPM: 9 days down.

Minion 2: Day 10 tomorrow master, we shall have our reward.

TPM: And midnight has come… Greg Winters, this is your last day. 

The End

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